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Best Cure For Snoring

Updated on September 26, 2009

Do you or your partner suffer from awful snoring? If so, believe me you are not alone. Approximately 23% of couples suffer from this condition.

We are all fully aware, it's not just the horrible thought of another sleepless night or the shameful constant nudging from your partner, but a lack of sleep can be life threatening!

What happens if you're driving and you suddenly lose concentration? Or perhaps your job involves using machinery! Additionally, the emotional and physical side effects of a lack of sleep can include, nervous breakdown, strokes and heart attacks!

Let me guess, you'd do anything to have a decent night's sleep and you have probably tried numerous remedies to find the best cure for snoring, but all to no avail!

Before we look at the best cure for snoring, let's focus on why exactly you snore!

Snoring in the majority of cases is caused by a blockage in your breathing passage. As the flow of air becomes more irregular, this will cause the soft tissues in your breathing passage to flap and hence we have that irritating snoring noise! If the soft palate ( this is the flexible back part at the roof of your mouth) starts to vibrate, this is when you get the really loud snoring noise. This can also lead to the soft palate to start beating against your tongue.

Even though there appears to only be one major reason for snoring, it isn't that difficult to cure. Unfortunately there are many types of blockage to your airways that cause snoring:-

1) People who suffer from sleep apnea have very weak throats, which can fall in or "collapse" during sleep.

2) A common occurrence when you sleep on your back and if you have a weak tongue is that your tongue can fall into your throat causing a blockage.

3) You may have a tense jaw. This will cause your jaw to squeeze against your breathing passages, once again leading to snoring. It's usually hard to spot whether your jaw is tense until you actually try and relax it.

4) Perhaps you have a weak, floppy soft palate that flaps around constantly. Many people choose to have surgery to correct this. Either by cutting out part of the soft palate or inserting plastic implants to make this area firmer. However, is surgery really the best cure for snoring? You can strengthen up your soft palate and keep it firm by merely performing a few throat exercises every day! I'd prefer that to surgery!

5) Every muscle in your body is intercnnected in some way. Maybe you have a tense neck or shoulders and this is putting more pressure on your throat muscles. This is the same effect as squeezing an empty plastic bottle that still has the lid on. Imagine the build up of pressure!

6) You snoring could be due to a build up of unwanted matter in your throat. This could be caused by excess fat, nicotine, etc. This will have the same effect as a dam slowing down a river of gushing water.

These are merely a few causes for snoring, but there are of course endless reasons for snoring. However, i suppose it actually makes a lot of sense that snoring problems mainly come down to your breathing. The majority of these problems can actually be rectified by some simple, daily breathing exercises. The main purpose of the exercises is to clear out any tar and fat and strengthen everything from the voice box up to the nasal passage.

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Additionally, many of these exercises will help to strengthen your tongue and loosen up the jaw. This will stop your tongue from falling into your throat and your jaw from pressing against your breathing passages. Finally the throat exercises will help to lift your soft palate and strengthen your throat!

The recommended time to exercise is 7-12 minutes a day, but you should always aim for a bare minimum of 3 minutes. If you need fast results, there is a program that requires 10 minutes exercise a day.

Results will vary amongst people, however these exercises are proven as the best cure for snoring Cure For Snoring!


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    • D.Virtual.Doctor profile image

      Funom Theophilus Makama 7 years ago from Europe

      I am surprised why such a great hub has not received enough views for constructive comments. Sometimes position matters in snoring. When i sleep facing upwards, I snore a lot, so most cases, I sleep sideways or face down. But your cure is fascinating and maybe I will give it a try...