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Best Doorway Pull Up Bar

Updated on August 30, 2012

Finding the best doorway pull up bar can be a challenge. There are a number of pull up bars that don't handle the pressure they are placed under well. These bars break after a few months of use. In Best doorway pull up bar we will review 2 pull up bars, one traditional bar and one clever new pull up bar.

Every home gym should have a pull up bar. The workout it gives your upper body is unrivaled by any other piece of exercise equipment.

    Creative Fitness Door Gym
Creative Fitness Door Gym

Creative Fitness Bar

I have always worried about using pull up bars. To me, they seem to defy gravity. But this one by Creative Fitness worked like a charm. When you lift yourself with the bar, your weight actually helps to hold it in place. Just make sure you use it with a proper-sized door so everything matches up correctly. That is, basically, the only concern anyone should have.

Some assembly is required, but it is basic and moves quickly. Once I had it put together, I instantly placed it on my door. A small hook comes with for placing between the molding and wall to hold the unit while you do not use it. However, it is just as easy to simply remove the pull bar from the door.

Everything takes only seconds – putting up the bar, removing it, and finding a convenient place for storage. This is the ideal bar for pull ups, period. It is secure, easy, and safe.

Traditional Doorway Pull Up Bar

I bought this bar to build upper body strength, and it is incredible. The sturdy and durable design is exactly what a pull up bar should have. I never want to worry about a bar supporting me while I do pull ups, and this bar provides all the safety I could want. It is also constructed well, with heavy material that is carefully crafted.

I readily installed the bar in little time. Luckily, I have wide doors, as this unit is larger than other bars out there. However, the important thing is that it stays place every time I use it. I wish the hand grips were adjustable, but they do not detract from the overall quality. I would recommend this product to anybody in search of a pull up bar.

Total body workout wheel
Total body workout wheel

AKROwheels Total Body Functional Training System

These wheels provide an amazing workout. The DVD that is included with this product provides a great routine. I never before thought I would so enjoy exercising, but I do with the Akrowheels. Typical regimens like running, walking, and other traditional methods just do not work for me. I get too bored. But the Akrowheels never grow monotonous. I use them for approximately 15 or 20 minutes each day. I get a really solid core workout. I can use the wheels for ab exercises, fly’s, pushups, and a number of other moves. Yoga movements can also be incorporated, which I have only recently begun. Portability and convenient storage are additional features of the wheels. For the cost, these are a great tool. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants to try a new exercise regimen or simply desires to get in shape. They work, and they are affordable.

Perfect Pushup - Original

It may seem strange to some to use push-up aides, but to me, it just makes sense. I have done pushups for many years now, and the results I have achieved with the Perfect Pushup are simply far superior to doing them on my own. The twisting movement encouraged in the Perfect Pushup means abs and the entire upper body is both targeted. This makes for a better overall workout, because the pushups are actually more difficult with the Perfect Pushup. After just a week, I can notice a difference in my strength and my appearance. I know I am getting a good workout, because I can actually feel the burn every time I use it.

Anyone who is even considering buying these definitely should. They provide amazing results. Although they are difficult, you will appreciate the difference. Allow yourself some time to adjust to the new pushup method, and you will feel stronger in a short period of time.

Perfect Pullup Heavy Duty Performance Series Ab Straps

The ab straps are a really unique way to work your ab muscles. I was skeptical before buying this product, but the price was too good to pass. I quickly realized they are not only a good deal financially, but they also provide a really powerful workout.

The padding on the straps is a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be. Moreover, I discovered that closing the door I hook these to actually provide some back support. This is also a comfortable technique.

Basically, the straps support your weight as you lift and lower your knees with your ab muscles. This slim a waist and builds muscle very quickly. The exercise is improved if you conduct it slowly, which is hard but effective. I am satisfied with this product because it is durable and because it works. My ab muscles have never before felt so strong.

Hopefully the information here can help you with your home workout equipment.

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Bulk up with a doorway pull up bar
Bulk up with a doorway pull up bar


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    • MosLadder profile image

      Chris Montgomery 6 years ago from Irvine, CA

      Good suggestions. The cheaper models do seem a little scary when you use them!