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Bikers Funerals, Motorcycle Hearses, Biker Black Hawk Hearse, Trike Hearse, Funerals For Bikers

Updated on January 2, 2016

Trike Chariot Hearse For Bikers

Being dead is no fun, but you do get to ride in one of these fantastic motorcycle hearses.

Bikers funerals are world renowned for celebrating the life of the deceased biker, and not for contemplating on his or her death. Many funerals for bikers attract hundreds, if not thousands of bikers, in a show of solidarity and strength for a comrade whom has passed away.

Being a biker is more than just a way of life, it is like an entity all to itself. Outsiders of the biking community could never understand the relationship built up between a person and their trusty steed.

The bikers world revolves around their devotion to the mean machines of the open roads. That devotion and passion follows them into the next life where they will be roaring down the gates of heaven or hell.

Biker Funerals, Motorcycle Hearse
Biker Funerals, Motorcycle Hearse

Biker Buriels

A biker burial usually consists of friends, family and comrades wearing their colors or leathers to the funeral.

There is no pretence, just a showing of affection at the loss of a comrade or friend. The biking community sees off their dearly departed with heart felt sorrow in their own style. No one can fully understand a biker unless they are one themselves.

During the drive to the cemetery, outriders are supplied to ensure a smooth flow of traffic.This permits the bikers funeral procession to proceed unhindered by mainstream traffic. The procession itself is a spectacle that holds onlookers in awe.

Powerful bikes of all descriptions, many with hand crafted god inspiring adjustments or painted with ultra modern designs, following the motorcycle hearse.

Hells Angels Biker Funeral, London

Funeral Homes For Bikers

Most biker funeral homes are regualr funeral homes who conduct the usual routine for deceased people. Special permissions are required for most large funeral processions and police will assist in crowd and traffic control. It has been noted that biker funerals are very peaceful occasions with no violence, even from the most hardened or infamous chapters.

Motorcycle Hearse

Special Services / Permissions For Biker Funerals

Special permissions are needed for several circumstances which are associated with biker funerals.

The burial of a rider with their bike is not uncommon, but some places do not allow this, whereas some countries or states do with special permission, and usually an extra fee.

Many bikers have been buried in unmarked graves with their pride and joy with only the deceased chapter members knowing where they are buried.

Funeral pyres for bikers are not that common, although there is occasionally a bonfire of sorts to celebrate their comrade.

Releasing doves is a nice gesture and helps guide the soul to where it is going, but always seek advice from the local law enforcement office, as even doing this may require permission or a license. Besides this, some gun toting bikers may also decide to shoot the birds.

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