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Eco coffins, Ecoffins, Pods and Eco Ash Urns, Green and Enviromentally Friendly Burials & Funerals

Updated on March 17, 2012

Ecoffins and eco urns

Being dead and buried, does not mean that you have to give up helping save our planet. If you have been assisting our rights for our children to enjoy a better and safer world, whilst you were alive, why not continue that help. You can by going out in style and still being green, by being buried in an Eco-coffin. Environmentally friendly or green burials are becoming the 'in' way to bury a family member.

Ecoffins are environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and far from the normal coffins that are seen in design and appearance, and in most cases are also cheaper than traditional coffins. Eco coffins or ecoffins, come in various designs and different environmentally friendly products, all naturally made from gods green earth, even the wooden Ecoffins are made from sustainable wood forests.

Being buried in an Ecoffin, is a statement within itself, the statement says that I love my world, I appreciate the natural beauty provided for me, and I will endeavour in death as I did in life, to protect this world for my children. This is the best and most meaningful way to leave this Earth, almost naturally, just as we entered it many years ago.

 For cremations, there are also eco urns, to keep the ashes in from a loved one. Again all made from natural products of the Earth.

Ecoffin, eco-coffins, caskets, and eco urns are growing in popularity as the worlds concerns over our natural habitat grows. Honk Kong has become the worlds largest user of cardboard coffins and Eco-pods ( paper coffins ) as concerns over space in the ground grow, most graveyards are now full beyond capacity with coffins that may take another one thousand years to biodegrade.

Willow ecoffin
Willow ecoffin

Willow Ecoffins

Willow Eco-coffins are made from pure willow and come in a natural golden color or buff. They can be the natural shape of a typical coffin, or with rounded edges, there are over thirty different styles to choose from. The handles are woven in, so they are very strong and can take up to twice the weight of what they are designed for.

Bamboo Eco-coffins

Bamboo is a strong natural product, made from government run sustainable bamboo plantations, this is the bamboo that Pandas do not eat, so again, more help for the wildlife. Bamboo ecoffins are totally biodegradable and are perfect for a 100% green funeral. Beautifully made by craftsmen, and very decorative, a small placard may be added to the top of the ecoffin.

 Cardboard Ecoffins

These are the cheapest of any of the eco coffins, made purely from cardboard, comes in ready painted patterns of leaves, ivy and other natural scenes. Or you could have it plain so you could paint it yourself. These ecoffins are made to take the weight of a human body, so they are very strong. Some people prefer at ceremonies to drape a curtain or sheet over the ecoffin, for more respect.

Wool Eco coffins

Made from pure sheep's wool, very soft to the touch and strengthened by jute and cardboard. Available in black or white, and normal wool or organic wool, an embroidered placard can be added on top. These eco coffins are very attractive and come in an assortment of shapes and sizes.

Eco Urns
Eco Urns

Eco Urns

There are also Eco urns, epods and eco pods available for ashes after a cremation. Award winning designs include an urn in the shape of an acorn, an absolutely great idea to remember a person by, and also a conversation piece when anybody visits the house. Made from pulped paper, these will last a quite while, just as long as you don't get them to wet. There again are many different styles, and if you wish, you could have your own style created, if the person was a keen golfer, you could have the urn in the shape of a golf ball or a golf club. Green funeral directors will assist in every way that they can.

Ecoffins / Eco-coffins for animals/ pets

There are also many coffins and caskets for animals, caskets are usually standard and if you require any other type or size, just locate an ecoffin company, and they will be able to give you a price instantly, you should be able to see one here who can help you. There are many on the internet who will deliver worldwide for a fee.

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