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Bird Poop Smear is Latest Beauty Trend: Get a 'Geisha Facial'

Updated on August 9, 2013

Bird Poop Facial

Nightingale bird poop on the face looks like a Silica mud mask
Nightingale bird poop on the face looks like a Silica mud mask | Source

Owner Quote

“We don’t do Central Park facials...because those birds eat garbage.”

-Shizuka Bernstein

Dermatologist Quote

A Manhattan cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Michele Green, says that the nightingale facial “definitely has some rejuvenating effect, [but] I don’t think it’s any different than, say, an apricot scrub or a mask that you could buy in a local pharmacy.”

A Croc with a Geisha Facial

A crocodile doesn't appear to mind his bird poop facial. He's looking younger already.
A crocodile doesn't appear to mind his bird poop facial. He's looking younger already. | Source

Geisha Facial with Nightingale Poop

Was This A Satisfied Customer?

"You can tell it's working when your face starts to tingle with a distinct burning sensation. It could have been from the boiling steam, and not the Nightingale poop. I was assured by my technician that the smell was the rice bran, and not my face."

-A stand up comic's take on the bird poop facial

A New Beauty Trend: Nightingale Poop

A beauty trend that may be coming to a beauty salon near you: Bird Poop on the face. But not just from any bird, this is premium bird poop from the Nightingale variety.

This is no joking matter. People are paying $180 USD at Shizuka New York Skin Care in New York City to have bird poop lathered up on their face with a paintbrush.

Duke Klauck, owns the Ten Thousand Waves health spa in Santa Fe, N.M. and offered the Nightingale poop facial for $129 USD.

Nothing Beats The Fresh Aroma of Feces on Your Face...

The owner of Shizuka New York Skincare, Shizuka Bernstein says that Nightingale poop has the aroma of "burnt rice." That is because the Nightingale poop is literally mixed with rice bran. The Asian Nightingale poop is imported, and made with only the freshest ingredients.

The Asian Nightingale species is used because they mainly live on seeds, producing natural enzymes which make up the active ingredients.

Shizuka spa employees assure CBS reporters that the bird feces is sterilized with UV lights before application to the face.

The History of the Geisha Facial

The Geisha Facial dates back to the 1600's, when Japanese actors and Geishas had bird poop applied to their face as part of their daily regimen for youthful looking skin.

The Geisha facial is supposed to be key in removing makeup and retexturizes skin. Prior to the bird poop-on-the-face solution, Geishas were known to have recurring skin problems attributed to the lead and zinc in their Geisha face powder. The bird poop put those nutrients right back on the face in a splattering fashion.

The Process of Getting Bird Poop Smeared on Your Face

First, your face is steamed with scalding hot steam to open up the pores. Next, a thick cream is applied to your melted face. Then, the fun begins as a certified technician dips her face brush into a pot of fresh Nightingale poop. The poop is applied liberally, as to not waste your facial fee of $180.

After five minutes of hardening, a special foaming cleanser is used to remove the bird poop. Then a scalding hot rag is applied to your face to get off the rest of the "crusties."

Final Thoughts on Face Poop

The Geisha Facial may work well for those willing to fork over the money, but it is not for everyone. Until there is solid evidence that it eliminates wrinkles, it may be simpler to just go with the Apricot facial scrub at your local supermarket.

Bird poop doesn't appear to rejuvenate cars (see picture below), so it is hard to believe that when it is mixed with rice bran, it rejuvenates faces.

Car Covered in Bird Poop

car covered in bird poop; should this rejuvenate the car?
car covered in bird poop; should this rejuvenate the car? | Source

A Yelp Review of Shizuka New York Spa

A Yelp review of Shizuka New York Spa
A Yelp review of Shizuka New York Spa | Source

Reader Poll

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