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Birth Control Reaction

Updated on June 21, 2011


The House Bill 3773 is one of the hottest issue and controversy of the country today. It’s about the reproductive health, to control the population growth of the country. It has been undergo debates on the congress just to decide if it will be pursue as a law, but until now there is no result yet. It was then a topic of our debate in one of our subject. But what will really be the true essence of this bill, do we need to agree with it or not?

On my stand as a political science student, I don’t agree with the house bill base on my understanding about it. I believe that it is an anti-life bill. There’s a quote that goes “Before I form you in the womb I knew you.” Only God can take our life because he is the one who give it to us. I disagree with the bill because reasons stipulated are shallow. One of their reasons is to control population growth of the country because they believe that overpopulation leads the people in the community suffer poverty. Population is not a problem; it is the government who handle the country. It is there duty and responsibility to seek solutions to the problems that the country is suffering nowadays. If they believe that reproductive control is the main solution of this then for me they are wrong. As base on the survey, we are not facing overpopulation today, the problem is only few dies but many are born but it doesn’t mean that it is overpopulation.

The bill is against the will of God because it is an anti-life bill. If this bill will become a law, the use of contraceptives will be legalize and abortion as well. Why do I say that abortion will be legalized? Because if certain woman don’t use contraceptive then she will get pregnant, all she can do is abort the baby just to abide the law which is the two-child policy or the reproductive health control. Don’t you know the effect of the use of contraceptives? Many doctors proved that it is not safe using contraceptives. Yes, at first it is good but you don’t know the things that will happen soon. In abortion, I can’t imagine the aborted baby. I really felt self pity because it is life that you take away and I believe that only God could do this thing. Another thing is if this bill will become a law, teaching of sex education to the children will be done. With in fact children must not teach about this for they are still young. Yes, at our elementary years we are taught about reproductive system but not to the extent that sex education and on how to have safe sex in order not to produce a new individual.

I don’t really think that this bill could be the solution to the problems we are facing now in our country, poverty! It is the government who is responsible to produce and provide enough necessity of the people. It is not that they will make a law that will control the child birth. If this decision that the government believe is the solution base on their statistics and studies in the country’s economic standing then I strongly disagree about this. The future depends on the decision of the couple if they will raise many children but not using contraceptives. No matter what others can say about my stand because it is my stand and it is irrevocable by anyone.

“Progress and prosperity in the country can be achieved if people in the community will work hand in hand;population is not the problem.”

-reaction from a student-


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    • profile image

      Eronrervect 5 years ago

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    • profile image

      Futamarka 5 years ago

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    • profile image

      Futamarka 5 years ago

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    • profile image

      StudentAlso 5 years ago

      Hindi lamang tayo dapat umaasa sa pamahalaan. Alam nating lahat na walang sapat na pondo at hindi lahat ng bansa ay maykaya at kayang pamunuan ang lahat ng tao. Katulad rito sa Pilipinas, mas maraming tao ang hindi disiplinado. Hindi ito isang “anti-life bill”. Tulad ng aking sinabi, hindi ito pumipigil sa pagrami ng tao. Hindi naman talaga populasyon ang pinakaproblema. Ang problema ay ang kahirapan. Mas marami ang hindi susunod sa pamahalaan, sa halip magkakaroon lamang ng bagong kontrobersiya ukol sa pulitika. Kung kaya lang ng gobyerno na isaayos ang mga tao, sana dati pa nila ito ginawa! Hindi lamang gobyerno ang may responsibilidad para sa mga tao, pati tayo! Tama sila na may karapatan ang mga mag-asawa kung ilan ang kanilang magiging anak pero ano ang koneksiyon nito sa RH Bill? Hindi naman pinipilit na magkaroon ng walang anak o iisang anak lamang. Ayon sa aking pagkakaintindi, nasa kanila ang pagpapasya ngunit iyong kaya lamang nilang buhayin.

      Sori nman kung against ako sa reaction mo.

    • profile image

      naturalsolutions 6 years ago

      Yes population will never ever be a problem, take a look where is the place were a lot of rich family live's? I think it is on the city right? And on which place does the short in financial needs live? in the mountain side or in a province right? So population is not really the solution.

    • profile image

      Tonirose 6 years ago

      I agree from this reaction, because God says "Each one of you should add and multiply to fill this world with happiness" This bill is an anti=life bill. :)

    • profile image

      bernard 7 years ago

      Rh bill is not anti life,instead,it hels us to control the fast growing population of our country. The state is not our "moral teacher" and it is only doing its duty. What can you say about the unwanted pregnancy? Many children are on the street because their parents cannot afford to give them a better life,nor send them to school. And we are going to blame the government again for that question that the church must answer is this."If you don't want Rh bill then,are you willing to be responsible for the

    • profile image

      marie 7 years ago

      i strongly disagree with the rh bill....poverty is not only caused by overpopulation..and if they say that the use of contraceptives is the solutio, i don't believe you are only teaching the youth to be engaged in such activities...

    • profile image

      chImAy 7 years ago


      major major tumpakkk!!!

    • profile image

      JESTER DOMANOG 8 years ago


    • profile image

      chekwa 8 years ago

      I agree with this reaction