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Birth Plans Support Natural Childbirth

Updated on June 20, 2011

Whether complex or simple, birth plans can help expectant parents plan for a natural childbirth. Even if you do not plan to labor without pain medication, having a birth plan that addresses normal processes, as well as birth complication, helps parents retain some control in a highly institutionalized birthing environment. If you are planning a home birthing using natural childbirth, birth plans help you keep calm under unexpected circumstances. It is also comforting to have the structure of a set of predetermined actions to fall back on should anything go wrong. Writing down your preferences, such as hypnobirth or water birth, can also help you decide among your many options.

What is a Birth Plan?

A birth plan is a written record of your preferences for childbirth. It serves as a notice to healthcare professionals who may not be personally acquainted with you and your family. You can include everything from medication desires to who will attend you during labor. Birth plans can help healthcare providers understand your wishes. In addition, the act of writing down a plan can be a useful exercise for considering the many situations that arise during childbirth.

How Do Birth Plans Support Natural Childbirth?

Many women opting for natural childbirth in a hospital setting use a birth plan as a way to foster agreement between various medical personnel. Spelling out your wishes in a formal document goes a long way toward ensuring they will be honored.

Even if you are planning a home birthing using natural childbirth, you will want a birth plan to specify exactly which techniques that you plan to use. From simple birth plans to the most detailed ones that address every possible birth complication, all can benefit from adding plans to use a birthing ball. Click here for help on how to write a birth plan.

Other Resources for Natural Childbirth

Birthing Balls - Also known as a stability ball or just a standard physiotherapy ball, these modern miracles have done as much for pregnancy as the attractive maternity dress. Birthing balls are perfect for relieving discomfort during pregnancy.

Hypnosis - Hypnobirth helps mothers relax and possibly even enjoy a natural childbirth. The hypnotic state achieved during hypnobirth may be guided by a hypnobirthing specialist or a doula, but it is completely controlled by the expectant mother.

Natural Childbirth Videos - Watching childbirth movies is an excellent way to prepare for having your own baby, and to help you make your own birth plans. Childbirth video is widely available for free online, or you can buy a specific childbirth DVD for just about any childbirth technique or birth complication you are interested in learning more about.

Image Credit: Meagan, Flickr


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  • modern housewife profile image

    Sarah 6 years ago from Indiana

    Great Article! I had my first child naturally and having a birth plan was definately useful--at least for me. I loved the feeling that my body was in charge of delivery and plan to do the same with my next daughter.

    Are you familiar with Natural family Planning? I am a huge advocate and have several really informative hubs if your readers would like some information about natural ways to acheive or avoid pregnancy!

  • Trish_M profile image

    Tricia Mason 7 years ago from The English Midlands

    I had my eldest in 1986 and my youngest in 1994. I used birth plans and, for the third (my youngest), I attendeed 'Active Birth' classes. I would really recommend them! :)