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Black bryony root herbal remedy (Tamus communis L.)

Updated on January 11, 2012
Black Bryony (Tamus communis L.)
Black Bryony (Tamus communis L.) | Source

Black bryony's root is the only part of the plant that is not POISONOUS.

Berries = poison.

Leaves = poison.

Ignore them.

Tamus communis is 10 feet long bush without thorns, it grows in southern hills and meadows in temperate area. It blooms in yellow and sometimes white. Fruits are red in clusters of 5 to 15. All above ground part of the plant is poisonous.


Roots of Black bryony are gathered at April or September-October, when the leaf mass is still/already absent.


In windy room, far from sunlight. Dried roots need to be brown or light brown, without aroma.


200 grams of the grated Black bryony root is put in 1 litre of olive oil for 20 days. The ointment is then sifted or filtered and is kept far from sunlight.


The ointment of Tamus communis is very strong relief for reumatoid pain, black skin, and water gathered in knee joints. Apply on the skin with cotton bud or cloth and don't forget to wash hands.

In old times, the berries were used for the same reason from elderly people. A handful of the Black bryony berries are smeared on the skin, where ther pain is present and left for a while. However, the berries are not to be eaten and this method is a bit dangerous.

A hot infusion from the leaf mass of Tamus communis is used to wash the feet on symptoms of common cold. The infusion triggers strong blood circulation and warms the whole body. However, this method is also better left for experienced herbalists.


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