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Body Fat Scale, Top 10 Best Selling Body Composition, Hydration Scales: Ozeri, Escali, Tanita, Taylor

Updated on February 4, 2015

High body fat levels can reduce your endurance and have been linked to heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) is a well established and respected method used to estimate body fat and hydration. The machines below all use this method of body fat calculation.

Muscles, blood vessels and bones are body tissues with a relative high water content which conducts electricity easily. Body fat, on the other hand, displays much less electric conductivity.

With BIA, a weak and harmless electrical current is sent through your body to determine the amount of fat tissue. This weak electrical current is imperceptible to the user, and returns back data that is used to calculate the advanced measurements.

Pregnant women should not use these monitors, and if you have a pacemaker or other internal electronic medical device, you should not use the body fat reading feature.

The top ten best selling body fat scales are:

  1. Ozeri touch digital scale with body fat measurements
  2. Ozeri Gen II with body fat scale
  3. Escali with body fat scale
  4. Biggest Loser 5568BL body fat scale
  5. Tanita BF680W with body fat monitor
  6. Tanita BF679W with body fat monitor
  7. Tanita with body fat scale
  8. Taylor 5599 body fat scale
  9. American Weigh AMW-Quantum body fat scale
  10. Health o meter BFM688-81 body fat scale

Ozeri Touch Digital Bathroom Scale has Instant Weight, Body Fat, Hydration, Muscle and Bone Mass Measurement

The Ozeri Touch Digital Bathroom Scale has instant weight, body fat, hydration, muscle and bone mass measurement capabilities for a very affordable price. It is suitable for weighing up to 400 lbs (180 kgs). The Ozeri Touch Digital Bathroom Scale combines advanced algorithms with bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), incorporating a person's age, height, gender and weight to calculate advanced measurements.

Body fat and other measurements have greater fluctuation and less accuracy than the weight measurement but they are useful as trend indicators

The Ozeri Gen II Digital MultiFunction Bathroom Scale stores weight, body fat and body water measurements in memory for up to 10 different users.

This Ozeri is able to weigh up to 440 lbs (200 kgs).

Mainly good reviews for this inexpensive, large capacity body fat scale.

Escali High-Capacity Bathroom Scale with Body Fat/Body Water Monitoring

Escali High-Capacity Bathroom Scale with Body Fat / Body Water Monitoring

The Escali High-Capacity Bathroom Scale with body fat / body water monitoring, looks exactly the same as the previous scale and has the same overall specification.

Buy whichever one is the cheapest at the time you make your decision.

This Biggest Loser Scale also shows the number of calories needed to maintain weight. It states it is accurate to 330lbs (150kgs). Some say "a difficult scale to set up", whilst others find that it is not as accurate as is stated.

If you are a follower of "The Biggest Loser" NBC TV series then perhaps this is the body fat scale for you!

Tanita BF680W Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor with Athletic Mode and Body Water

The Tanita BF680W Duo Scale plus body fat monitor with athletic mode and body water determines weight and estimates body fat and body water, for two people, with a safe, low-level electrical pulse. Most reviewers are pleased with the results given by this body fat scale, given that they are not expecting absolutely accurate results each time. For an indication of whether body fat is increasing or decreasing, the consensus of opinion is that this scale does just fine.

The Tanita BF679W Duo Scale plus body fat monitor with body water measurement is not appropriate for athletic, pregnant, or pacemaker-wearing individuals This Tamila scale calculates weight, body fat percentage, body water and placement in healthy range.

Tanita BF679W Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor with Body Water

Mostly very good reviews from those users that know what they are talking about. A good buy!

Tanita Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor with Body Water Percentage

Same specification as the BF679W with the athlete mode added. The weighing capacity is 300lb.

Pretty much universally good reviews, as for the other Tanita scales. You just need to get used to checking your body fat at the same time of day and under the same conditions. When this is done the calculations are consistent within a reasonable range.

The Taylor 5599 440 pound tempered-glass body fat / body water scale is not just a body fat scale, but a body composition scale measuring muscle mass and bone mineral for more body composition readings.

Taylor 5599 440 Pound Tempered Glass Body Fat-Body Water Scale

About half and half good reviews to poor reviews on this body fat scale. You're gonna have to make your own mind up!

American Weigh Amw-Quantum Body Fat and Water Scale 396 X 0.2 Pound

The American Weigh Amw-Quantum body fat and water scale uses BIA to calculate body fat, water, muscle, and bone in addition to body weight, by passing a safe electrical current through your body via the metal contacts and using weight, height, and age data, to calculate your lean / fat-free body mass. This is then subtracted from your body weight to obtain your body fat mass.

The Health o Meter BFM688-81 weight tracking, body fat & hydration percentage scale, weighs up to 380lb. It displays weight and change in weight for up to 4 users and stores 12 memories per user.

4* performance with this body fat scale.

Health o Meter BFM688-81 Weight Tracking, Body Fat & Hydration Percentage Scale

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    • SuperiorInteriors profile image

      SuperiorInteriors 4 years ago from San Diego, California

      Humagai, body fat scales are amazing! This blog really shows how affordable these scales can be. I came across your blog after publishing my article that discusses how inaccurate scales can provide misleading results. This may give you some ideas:

    • Boomer60 profile image

      Boomer60 7 years ago

      Wow! These are some really great scales. Now if they would just stop me from gaining weight.

      I have used one of these body fat scales before and it is amazing how much detail you can get from them. They're not just about weight any more. Voted up for sure!

    • Pamela99 profile image

      Pamela Oglesby 7 years ago from United States

      I didn't know bathroom scales were able to give you that much detailed information. Thanks for the information.