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Core Workout - The BodySaw Plank Exercise and How It's Performed

Updated on September 18, 2015

Core workout – Body Saw

If you happened to have tried my personal advance version of the plank and tried the bicycle ab crunch with a pause has. with my own little additive to it and thought "DAMN! That's good Stuff". . Then this exercise maybe just what you are looking for. This exercise is like the plank and ab roller had a kid and it was called "body saw". It is definitely an advance movement so make sure you workout at your own limits and know what your limits are. Try it out and let me know what you think.

1.Go into plank position with your body weight on your forearms and toes

2. The difference now compared to a regular plank is to put your toes on a slippery or movable surface. I suggest your toes on glider pads, however a towel works on a hardwood floor as well.

3. Contract your abdominals and core muscles to keep your spine in neutral alignment

4. Next is bring your feet together and squeeze your glutes

5. Now the goal of the exercise is to move your body forward and back. This is done by pulling or pushing with your elbows.

6. You don’t need to move much during this movement back and forth. Just enough to really target your core muscles.

7. This slow motion back and forth is done all while keeping the normal lumbar curve in the spine. This motion also represents a look like sawing. Hence the name. hehe

Hope you find this to be the next best core workout that you never knew you loved. See other articles below for more fun reading.


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