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BOSU Core Training with Standing Medicine Ball Rotations

Updated on January 14, 2017

BOSU Core Training with Standing Medball Rotations

What you need:

1. Medicine Ball ( 4 – 8 pounds) Depends on your own limits

2. BOSU Ball or other stability equipment you can stand on

3. Ability to learn

4. The Drive to Workout

How to Perform the Exercise

This exercise is pretty good because it targets your core muscles which I love and it also helps with stability, and balance.

1. Begin standing on a bosu ball or any type of stability tool if you don’t have a bosu with your feet slightly and comfortably apart.

2. Then slightly bend your knees and contract your abs. Your spine should be in a neutral position now.

3. Hold the medball with both hands in front of you at roughly chest to shoulder height.

4. Keep your elbows slightly bent and retract your scapula by pulling your blades back and down

5. While staying safely balanced, rotate to one side, pause and rotate back to center

6. Then rotate to the other side, pause, and rotate back to center.

7. Continue rotating side to side throughout your reps.

TIP: Try to keep your abs engaged throughout the whole exercise, and be sure to keep elbows in and try not shifting your hips or knees forward or backwards while performing the rotations.

To make it easier: Try reducing the weight of the medball, or hire a personal trainer to assist with getting on and off the stability item.

To increase the intensity, just increase the weight of the medball and you can also rotate slower to really help work those muscles.

Give it a try and you enjoy it, but always remember to work at your own limits.


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