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Body acne cure treatment

Updated on November 18, 2012

Back acne


Curing bacne and other body acne

Acne is awful, and it effect so much more then your face. Some people are lucky enough to get it on there face as a teenager and then be free of it. Others get it on there body and never really free themselves from the pointless skin annoyance. Not only is body acne annoying and unsightly, but it also hurts. Sit in a chair and feeling an acne bump hit the back of the chair really hurts. It seems imperative that a person be able to get some control on the bumps. Medicines and all other cures really cost money. I've found that one of the most simple cures is extremely natural and can be done from home or basically anywhere. Tanning your skin is extremely useful for ridding acne from your body. The sun acts as a reactant to the bumps and shrinks up the puss and size of the pimple. Next the color seems to eventually shade over it. Sunlight seems to truly effect acne in a positive way. Tanning beds would have a very similar effect but if you are trying to this for free I recommend going outside and getting in the sun. Imagine your skin looking cleaner and smoother all thanks to the sun. Now be cautious because you should do this over a period of time not right away. Cancer won't be an even trade. Get some moderate sun and tan away your acne. Try this with my other acne treatment for faster and even more effective results on ridding yourself of acne.

Tanned no acne on back



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