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Body fat: Ways to reduce it quickly

Updated on June 19, 2013
Jogging is a good exercise!
Jogging is a good exercise! | Source


Body fat has become a major problem which is affecting the people globally now. It not only affects one's beauty but also makes the human body prone to different kinds of diseases in the future. It is important to mention here, that not all the fat in the human body is harmful. It is only the unwanted fat that leads one to different kinds of problems. Some amount of fat is mandatory for the human body because of two main reasons. Firstly, it is required to cover the skeletal system and give it an attractive look and secondly, because it helps the human body to carry out all the normal functions by deriving the necessary energy from the muscles. Though fat is necessary for the normal function of the body but one should keep in mind that an excess of it may lead to different kinds of physical problems.

Problems with excess of unwanted fat

Excess of fat is not only responsible for blood sugar and diabetes but also affects the proper circulation of blood within the body. Some of the problems related to excess accumulation of fat in the human body is as given below:

  • High blood pressure
  • Cerebral stress or various problems related to heart
  • Increase of cholesterol in blood
  • Problem of gall bladder
  • Problems during pregnancy
  • Constipation
  • Depression
  • Pain in the hip or knee joints

Things to avoid when reducing body fat

Reducing fat may appear to be a very interesting but one needs to be equally careful not to do it in a way which is improper. Before one finally decides to reduce fat, it is important to understand the things that one should avoid while trying to reduce fat quickly. One needs to remember, that one should not follow any short cut which may lead to other problems in the future. Some of the things which should be avoided while trying to reduce body fat is as given below:

  • Improper ways of dieting
  • Taking medicines to reduce fat or following any other method that is artificial
  • Improper exercises
  • Consuming less food than required

The effects of excess body fat

Excess body fat has its own effect in the regular life of a person. If not checked in time it may trouble a person throughout the life. A person may miss out the social life and life seem to be a burden. Let us check out some of the affects of excess fat in the life of a person.

  • Excess sweating may lead to foul body odor
  • Gets tired or breathless very easily
  • Sometimes, there is also the problem of marriage
  • Problems in doing regular activities
  • Laziness
  • Mental depression
  • Lack of enthusiasm

Yoga helps in reducing body fat

Yoga is an approved way of reducing body fat and the overall weight of the body. But before you do so, I would recommend to pen down your weight in your diary or a notepad. After one month of doing yoga, check your weight again and find out if it got reduced by two to three pounds. If it has not reduced, then I am sorry to say that you most probably have not done it properly in a methodical way. In that case, do not lose heart and seek the help of a yoga consultant or go to a nearby fitness center to learn the proper techniques of yoga. Moreover, you also need to follow a proper diet chart with regular yoga to accomplish your goal.

Some exercises that help in reducing fat

Apart from yoga, there are other exercises which may help you to get a fit body. There is hardly any better alternative than exercise to reduce fat. These exercises would not consume much of your time and these are excellent fat loss tips. These are effective ways to reduce fat in the body for sure. The only thing you need to be careful about is that you need to do them properly. The proper way of doing any exercise is to do a little warm-up first. You may start with light free hand exercises to warm-up the body. Some of the exercises which may help in reducing your weight is as given below:

  1. Jogging: Jogging is a very good weight loss exercise to shed the unwanted fat of the body. It is a slow running process which provides complete exercise to the whole body. However, one should be careful to do jogging on a flat surface or on a level ground. It helps to burn calories fast and a few minutes of regular jobbing would help to stay fit for the rest of the day.
  2. Spot Jumping: Stand erect on a level ground with feet a bit apart in a way that the weight of the whole body rests on the legs. Now jump on both the legs on the same spot but make sure not to bend your knees and hips while doing the same. It is said that a five minutes of spot jumping is equivalent to 25 minutes of running every day. It not only improves the circulation of the blood but it also improves the rate of heart beats.
  3. Walking: Regular walking is considered as a simple but an effective exercise. It is the most easiest way to reduce fat. One may walk anywhere for a few minutes everyday and it would supply fresh energy to the blood and muscles of the body. As it also helps in burning calories fast, it helps in reducing the overall weight of the body.
  4. Skipping or rope jumping: Skipping is such an exercise which in not limited to only children these days. Today, it is used as a good mechanism to remain physically fit for long. The best thing about it is that it helps in burning fat round the hip and thigh. It also improves the rate of heart beat. Skipping for a few minutes a day is good enough to shed the unwanted fat of the body.
  5. Sit-ups: Sit-ups give a proper exercise to almost all the muscles of your body. Not only it improves the shape of abdominal muscles but it also improves the digestion. It also strengthens up the arms and chest muscles. Besides, it also improves your coordination and reflexes.

An improved lifestyle helps in reducing fat

The type of lifestyle one follows has a direct relation to reducing fat of the body. An improved lifestyle together with proper exercises and diets help immensely to stay, fit and agile for long. Let us check out some of the things which one should follow regularly to stay fit for long:

  • Take foods at the proper time without long gaps in-between
  • Do not eat food in haste. Take time to chew the food well before swallowing.
  • Stop sleeping in the day
  • Drink five to six glasses of clean water every day

Foods to avoid: To maintain your fitness for a long time you need to avoid certain foods from your regular diet chart. Some of these foods are mutton, cream, butter, ghee, fried foods and snacks, cold drinks, ice-creams, refrigerated food and water, chocolates and different dairy products.

Foods to have: To keep fit you also need to have some food that are low in calorie but provide the body with maximum benefit. These include salads, soups, green vegetables and pulses, toned milk, sea foods, lemon water, eggs etc.

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    • Ajayaryan profile image

      Ajay Kumar Singh 4 years ago from India

      Thanks sunilkunnoth2012 for your inspiring words and yes I will come up very soon with a few more hubs.

    • sunilkunnoth2012 profile image

      Sunil Kumar Kunnoth 4 years ago from Calicut (Kozhikode, South India)

      Hi Ajayaryan

      Very informative and helpful. This kind of hubs will help all and really beneficial to everyone. Keep on writing such nice ones. Voted up

    • Ajayaryan profile image

      Ajay Kumar Singh 4 years ago from India

      Conservative lady,

      Thanks a lot for being the first valuable commentator of this hub and of course for your inspiring comment. I wish you all the best for choosing Yoga to shed some weight this winter.

    • Conservative Lady profile image

      Sheila 4 years ago from Surprise Arizona - formerly resided in Washington State

      Good information here - I am looking in to Yoga to help me shed about 15 pounds. Winter weight - ugh.... Great hub.