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How to Prevent Blisters and Chafing with Body Glide

Updated on October 22, 2010

As an adventure racer, triathlete, mountain biker, hiker, and endurance athlete, I have made many painful mistakes. Most of these mistakes have involved some sort of chafing, skin irritation, or blisters.

BodyGlide is now my trusty companion. I don’t go on any adventures without plenty of BodyGlide. NOTE: BodyGlide is preventative and does not work after the fact! Use it before you start your adventure.

In this article I explain my recommendations of where you should use BodyGlide. Good luck on your adventure! I hope you manage to stay blister-free and chafe free. Trying to run with bloody nipples and blisters on your feet is not any fun at all!

Bloody Nipples - What Happens Without BodyGlide!
Bloody Nipples - What Happens Without BodyGlide!


Ever get irritated or bloody nipples during or after running? BodyGlide fixes this. Just rub a bunch directly on your nipples and you’ll be fine for an entire day. The cool thing about BodyGlide is it is very long lasting. I have used it for entire marathons without reapplying.


Ever get those blisters between your toes? Put BodyGlide between your toes before your adventure. Wear Smartwool socks too. Cotton is not your friend!

Blisters on Feet Make for a Long Day!
Blisters on Feet Make for a Long Day!


Same concept as with toe – apply BodyGlide on the places of your feet where you are prone to blisters – primarily, ankles.


If I’m wearing a wetsuit for a triathlon swim, I put BodyGlide all around my neck. I’ve noticed this greatly reduces the irritation causes from turning your head to breathe while wearing a wetsuit.


I put BodyGlide all over my crotch and also directly on my bike shorts, especially along the seams. This helps prevent chafing and saddle sores.

BodyGlide is Your Friend on Long Bushwacking Treks!
BodyGlide is Your Friend on Long Bushwacking Treks!

Butt Crack

I once did a long overnight trek through very wet areas and got so badly chafed from my butt cheeks rubbing together while wet, that I could barely walk. BodyGlide would have prevented this. I now use BodyGlide in this area and I carry it with me to reapply as necessary.

Wetsuits are Easy to Remove with BodyGlide!
Wetsuits are Easy to Remove with BodyGlide!

Wrists / Ankles

I once forgot to apply BodyGlide over my ankles and wrists during a wetsuit-legal triathlon.  I wasted almost six minutes in the transition area trying to get my wetsuit off.  I now always put lots of BodyGlide on my wrists, ankles, over the timing chip, etc.  I’ve also tried other products, like PAM, TriSlide, etc., but I’ve found BodyGlide works the best.


I put BodyGlide under my arms where my lat muscle is closest to the inside of my arm. I’ve been chafed here before and found this helps. I do this for both long swims and long runs.

Use BodyGlide to Prevent Blister on Hands from Epic Mountain Bike Races!
Use BodyGlide to Prevent Blister on Hands from Epic Mountain Bike Races!


I sweat a lot, especially when wearing gloves. This causes me to be prone to blisters on my hands, especially during epic mountain bike events. I recently started putting BodyGlide on the areas of my hands that tend to get blisters and it has helped! I also carry several pair of gloves with me and rotate them as needed now.



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