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Book Review: CIG to Glycemic Index Weight Loss

Updated on September 17, 2011

Are you wondering if learning more about the Glycemic Index can help you achieve your weight loss goals or maintain a healthy weight?

Many experts agree that consistently making wise choices of foods that have a low Glycemic index is an excellent option for weight loss and improving overall health through diet and nutrition.

If you're ready to learn how to incorporate this style of eating into your life, The Complete Idiot's Guide to Glycemic Index Weight Loss is a must-read book for you.

About the Book: CIG to Glycemic Index Weight Loss

The CIG to Glycemic Index Weight Loss begins with information about what the Glycemic Index is and how it can be used to control weight.

When you read this book, you'll learn about how the Glycemic Index originated as a result of research about diabetes and how it has evolved to become a mainstream approach to weight loss and maintenance, as well as disease prevention.

The book discusses the relationship between eating foods with a low Glycemic index and blood sugar levels, explaining in detail how following a low Glycemic diet can help keep your blood sugar level from spiking and fluctuating excessively. You'll also learn how following this type of diet can have a positive impact on your metabolism and overall health.

You'll also learn what foods have a low Glycemic Index so that you'll have the information necessary to make wise eating choices. Further, you'll learn how to calculate Glycemic Load, which can help you determine appropriate serving sizes for different foods. This information can help you determine what food choices to make and what quantities you should eat.

The book also provides two detailed Glycemic weight loss programs that you can choose to follow, so you won't have to go through complex calculations unless you just want to. However, even if you're going to follow one of the prescribed eating plans, it's a good idea to pay attention to how Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load are calculated.

Additionally, The CIG to Glycemic Index Weight Loss provides information that can help you get your weight loss program off to a great start. It provides information about things you can do to get into an appropriate mindset for weight loss, suggestions for dealing with the stress factors that often lead to unhealthy heating, and tips for incorporating exercise into your lifestyle. The book also includes a wealth of information about taking a nutritionally balanced approach to eating as well as tips for sticking with your diet for all types of special occasions.

Low Glycemic Recipes in The CIG to Glycemic Index Weight Loss

The CIG to Glycemic Index Weight Loss also includes an appendix with a number of tasty low Glycemic recipes. A few of the dishes included in the recipe selection are:

  • Baked Apples with Almonds
  • Beef Stir-Fry with Vegetables
  • Chocolate Cookies
  • Cocoa Granola Bars
  • Ginger Avocado Dip

About the Authors

The CIG to Glycemic Index Weight Loss authors Lucy Beale and Joan Clark-Warner are truly experts when it comes to diet and nutrition.

Lucy Beale widely recognized as a weight loss expert She is the creator of Be Thin in Body, Mind, and Spirit and the Naturally Thin program, which she has taught around the world since the 1980s. She is also the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Low-Carb Meals and the Complete Idiot's Guide to Terrific Diabetic Meals.

Joan Clark-Warner, M.S. is a registered dietician (R.D.) and clinical diabetes editor (C.D.E). She has more than 20 years of experience in the field, and works as a clinical dietician at the University of Utah Hospital Clinic. She also developed the Food Guide Pyramid for Weight Management and Type 2 Diabetes for the University of Utah's Diabetes Center.


Thanks to the Penguin Group for providing me the opportunity to review this book. ~MW


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    Ladybird33 7 years ago from Fabulous USA

    Wow, I had no idea. This is wonderful information for us all! Thank you for sharing! Looking forward to reading more.