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Bowen Therapy and Alternative Healing

Updated on October 24, 2021
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I have over 10 years of experience in the alternative healing and energy fields as a healer and learner of the ancient healing sciences.

The Bowen Procedure

Bowen is based on a series of moves that target different parts of the body. The practitioner takes the thumb and fingers and gently pushes into pressure points throughout the body. This is typically done on muscles, tendons, nerves and fascia.

A practitioner that is working with Bowen Therapy will apply pressure to one area of the body for one adjustment. This is done on the right hand side then the left hand side. They will then wait for a given amount of time for the body to make the necessary adjustments. The practitioner will then move to a different part of the body to make the next adjustment. This allows the body to move into re-alignment and balance.

The Art of Bowen

The approach taken with Bowen is to be non - invasive. The healing technique is not by the practitioner adjusting or forcing moves. Instead, it allows the body to trigger. As it triggers it naturally begins to adjust on it's own, moving into a form of self - healing.

The approach to trigger the body with self - healing creates a different approach by the practitioner. Fewer moves, less pressure and more time between application of pressure points allows the body to make even more adjustments and to re-align according to what it needs. It works with the intelligence of the body to make profound changes into complete balance.

History of Bowen

Bowen Therapy began in the mid 1900s in Australia by Tom Bowen. Bowen was a self - taught and intuitive healer that began to work with the technique after being placed in an environment that required immediate healing by a co - worker. He first developed the technique by calling it remedial therapy or soft tissue manipulation. His work progressed by finding points in the body that would vibrate or have a large amount of tension which allowed the body to speak to him that it needed healing or adjustment. By applying a little pressure, the body was able to adjust and alter. His sessions offered an 88% success rate in complete alignment and re-adjustment.

Benefits of Bowen

Today, Bowen is recognized as a legitimate, alternative healing therapy. It is able to provide consistent relief and re-alignment of the body. Practitioners are known to work with release of:


- sports injuries

- muscoskeletal conditions of the spine

- pelvic imbalances

- whiplash

- headaches

- repetitive stress injuries (carpel tunnel)

- heart conditions

- detox from drugs

These are some of the few areas that Bowen is able to assist with. The work shows alterations in the body through the skeletal system, internal organs and nervous system.

Have You Ever Experienced a Bowen Treatment?

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2013 Brooke Hart


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