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Breaking Free of Sleep Paralysis

Updated on May 27, 2012

The classics

During an attack of sleep paralysis the only objective is to make it stop. Many suggest trying to move your fingers, toes, facial muscles and the like. In my own personal experience I have tried these things, producing at least the sensation that I am indeed moving my digits or flexing my forehead, yet the episode continues in spite of it.

Of course instinctively I have also attempted to thrash my body about as is the standard. Screaming has been employed as well. My goal, to either break loose, or bring someones attention to my situation that might be able to help. These strategies have not only, not worked, but seem to heighten the terror associated with the event. They only serve to reinforce the helplessness and catalepsy that defines the condition.

Effective Discovery for Breaking Free.

Throughout my lifetime having the occasional visitation of nocturnal paralytic condition, I came to know the experiences as just a fact of life for me. Some of the attacks in my portfolio were so vivid it became fun to recount them as my nighttime adventures, because they were.

One of my many exploits of sleep paralysis happened to occur on an evening while attending my hypnosis certification course. The following day I shared this particular incident with my instructor, when by chance the opportunity to do so presented itself as the conversation during class turned to my general quality of sleep and my sleep habits. I recounted the incident matter of fact, since for me these things were matter of fact. I then followed the the debriefing with my a run down of all the scientific brain chemistry explanations I had accumulated over a lifetime of casually researching the topic.

Interestingly my instructor proceeded to give me the most effective suggestion to this point in dealing with what had become something I had basically resigned myself to by that time. I have used the technique and it has worked to both stop an attack in progress, and future attacks have subsided.

When the episode is in progress, focus your intent, and with your thoughts say this or something similar;

"What you are looking for is not found here, you are not welcome here."

Although I had my reservations about the effectiveness of using this technique, especially since I had spent such a long time absorbing the biological explanations of the phenomenon, I figured I really had nothing to loose since everything I had tried previously had not worked, what could the harm be, it would either work or not work and I already was familiar with what happens when it did not work.

As was typical I found myself in the midst of a full blown sleep paralysis attack a couple weeks after having been introduced to this new concept. During this particular episode I was being presented with a parade of seemingly demonic, Profiles and found myself not being able to move. I simply said in thought and with direct intention. "What you are looking for is not found here, you are not welcome here." . After repeating that I found that the images faded away, and instead of waking everything just stopped, it was just black, and I felt calm. After a few moments passed I was able to open my eyes, and briefly contemplate what had just occurred minus the panic, racing heart, and heavy breathing. 

Those asking How or Why this may work.

How or why's this technique worked, like many things there is no way to measure or test much of what is associated with this phenomenon, but in the case one enjoys exploring the possible explanations, let us theorize.

  • Focusing on what you have control of (thoughts & intention) reinforce that you are still in control. Unlike focusing on trying to move which reinforces you are not in control.
  • Many believe and I among them, that intention has the power to create our reality in every sense of the word.
  • If one is to believe that sleep paralysis is a super natural experience being perpetrated by entities outside of our physical reality, it is only logical that some force outside of our physical reality can serve to defend us.
  • The introduction of a new thought path into our subconscious, if accepted can change the outcome of anything.
  • Thought is a bridge to reconnect the physical body with the mental or spiritual.

For those afflicted with bouts of sleep paralysis the overall question really is:

"If it really works why question how or why?"

Let Go!!!

What have you tried?

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