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Breast Cancer: Be Aware

Updated on November 11, 2010


Have you ever lost a relative or a friend to breast cancer? I've asked this question today to about 30 different females and, their answers were all the same;"yes". I don't know about you but their responses alarmed me. I write this Hub with the attempt to shed light on this horrifying disease. I've lost three Aunts to this awful disease. I am thankful for the creation of Breast Cancer Awareness. I also have a new found appreciation for the month of October as it has been elected as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I'm writing this article with a heavy heart and a conscious effort to inform everyone about Breast Cancer as well as it's preventative measures.

What Is Breast Cancer?

Breast Cancer is simply defined as the uncontrolled growth of breast cells. The term breast cancer was coined as it refers to malignant tumors developing in the the breast. Breast cancer can begin in two different areas of the breast. Usually, it develops in the cells of the lobules or the ducts. Lobules are milk producing glands and ducts are simply the passages that drain the milk from the lobules. Another more uncommon way breast can develop is through the stromal tissues. Stromal tissues include the fatty and fibrious tissues of the breast. Breast cancer has several stages. Cancer stages are based on the size of the tumor, whether the cancer is invasive or non-invasive, whether the lymph nodes are involved, and whether the cancer has spread beyond the breast.

What Causes Breast Cancer?

 Breast cancer is always caused by a genetic abnormality,or a mistake in the genetic material makeup. The good new is on 5-10% of breast cancer is caused by the genetic abnormality inherited from parents. 90% breast cancer is the result of the aging process , normal "wear and tear" of the body. With that being stated; breast cancer can be prevented through certain preventative measures.

What can I do to prevent breast cancer?

 As I've previously stated, there are several preventative measures to breast cancer. Just think of all the things that might cause wear and tear on the body. Some of these things are smoking, the consumption of alcohol, pollutants, hormones,pesticides, obesity, and stress. By preventing all of theses you can reduce your chances of developing breast cancer.

Is Breast Cancer Treatable?

Yes, breast can is treatable. Breast cancer treatment is based on the stages of cancer. However some common ways of treating breast cancer are surgery, radiation, hormonal(anti-estrogen) therapy, and or chemotherapy.

Who is at risk for Breast Cancer?

 Both women and men are at risk for developing breast cancer. However, women have a greater risk at developing the disease. Simply because of where the disease develops. It was noted through research that aging is the biggest factor in the development of breast cancer. Through taking the preventative measures as previously stated you can lower your chances of developing breast cancer. Meaning if your are overweight, loose the weight, maintain a balance diet and get plenty of exercise. If you are a smoker, stop smoking. If your are a person who doesn't smoke but you are being exposed to it, change your environment , avoid second hand smoke. Avoid stress and the consumption of alcoholic beverages as these all aid in the development of a cancer.

Help Breast Cancer Awareness set a new record in the Guiness Book

Breast Cancer Awareness is a very important issue. It  has become an internationally accepted movement.  This movement is phenomenal because it has captivated the majority of man kind. If your like myself you've seen all of the think pink slogans, and you are probably familiar with the ever popular Breast Cancer Awareness walk but you are still curious about other ways to help support the cause.  We'll here's one very easy way I've just ran across, every time you tweet, fb, or use the #BeatCancer slogan on any social site in your status Paypal donates a percentage of money to Breast Cancer Awareness. Social sites are trying to set a new record in the Guiness book. So to all of my facebookers, tweeters, myspacers, google buzzers, etc remember #BeatCancer as your status.

What is Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast cancer awareness is an international campaign designed to both educate international about the disease and to help raise money to find a cure for the disease. It has elected the month of October as national Breast Cancer Awareness Month. October 13 has been delegated as National Metastatic Breast Cancer Day, Pink is the color designated to the campaign and many websites are going pink. There are several organizations that are involved to finding the cure. There are many Breast Cancer walks and other fundraising events that are dedicated to finding a cure. More importantly, Breast Cancer Awareness is calling for a cure and spreading hope ,a sense of love, and optimism. So join in quest for finding the cure. Here is a list of websites of several organizations fighting for the cure;


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    • Uninvited Writer profile image

      Susan Keeping 7 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

      Well done hub. It really is surprising how everyone knows someone who has had cancer and not survived.

    • shaekelly profile image

      shaekelly 7 years ago from Alabama

      Thanks for having me

    • Princessa profile image

      Wendy Iturrizaga 7 years ago from France

      Welcome to the HubMob!

      Thank you for your informative contribution to raising awareness about Breast Cancer.