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Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos : Women Awareness Hub

Updated on September 3, 2016
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Trained in dentistry, Sree is currently studying lab sciences. She enjoys researching various health topics and writing about her findings.

Cancer is one of the most feared diseases in the world. A disease that is almost always fatal when left unchecked. Having this disease can give an untold amount of pain to the patient. In addition to this, the disease can also put a strain to the people around the patient. One of the most common forms of cancer, especially for women, is breast cancer. In spite of its commonness, patients and those who love them fight courageously to beat the ravages of this disease. Support for breast cancer awareness is very high, and one of the best ways to support this cause is by getting breast cancer ribbon tattoos.

Before getting into the specifics of the tattoo itself, some people may be curious as to why the pink ribbon is chosen to be the international symbol for breast cancer awareness. The ribbon is said to be a derivative of the red ribbon, which was earlier adopted as the official symbol of AIDS awareness. The color pink is mainly chosen because it is mostly women that are affected by this disease. More than this, the color is also chosen because it represents venerable feminine characteristics such as being good, being beautiful, and being caring for others.

Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos : Women Awareness Hub
Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos : Women Awareness Hub | Source

The pink ribbon also symbolizes other things for the breast cancer movement. The ribbon represents fear of having the disease. It also represents hope of a future that those with breast cancer can recover and those who don’t have it yet may somehow avoid it. Last but not least, it also represents the good works of those who invested their money, time, and effort for supporting the breast cancer movement. These ribbons has proven to be so popular that it can now be seen anywhere from apparel to tattoos. Yes, a lot of people are now getting the tattoos nowadays.

There used to be a time that tattoos are considered as taboo; something best reserved from the outcasts of society such as convicts. Today, this conception has been more or less eradicated, with people from all walks of life having a better appreciation of this skin art. The reasons for having a tattoo may vary. Some have them because they see these as an art form they wear on their bodies. Others have tattoos to mark milestones and symbolisms in their lives. While there are all kinds of tattoo designs, one of the most popular to come out as of late are breast cancer ribbon tattoos.

Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Types

People from all walks of life, may they be men or women, have these ribbons inked on their bodies. However, there are particular groups that get these tattoos more than most as it means something more for them.

  1. Cancer patients - Cancer is probably the most difficult disease in the world to deal with. The disease itself is agonizing, breaking down your body little by little. Meanwhile, the treatment is just as agonizing, with the currently available treatment methods being physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing. Those who are dealing with the disease commonly have breast cancer ribbon tattoos. Most patients get them as a symbolism of their struggle with the disease and the hope of recovery. They also get it to show solidarity with those who also suffer from the deadly condition.
  2. Cancer survivors - While some get their tattoo when they get diagnosed with of the illness, others get inked by the time that they have recovered from it. They get inked with the ribbon as a permanent reminder that they have survived the ordeal. The tattoo does not only symbolize their personal will to overcome, but it may also symbolize how grateful they are to get a second chance in life. Cancer survivors also get inked as a show of support for others who are currently facing the disease themselves.
  3. People who know someone with breast cancer - The breast cancer experience is not only limited to the patient. In fact, the experience can extend to the people they know. The main reason why people get the ribbon tattoos on their bodies is because someone dear to them has dealt or currently dealing with breast cancer. Others even lose their loved ones because of this disease. They see getting inked with the cancer ribbon as a way to show their love for that someone and also to increase awareness and support for breast cancer and its patients.

Breast Cancer Reason and Ribbon Tattoos
Breast Cancer Reason and Ribbon Tattoos | Source

Will You Support Breast Cancer by Ribbons

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The designs of these tattoos may largely vary from person to person. It generally depends on how they want to symbolize their personal experience thru ink. While most people are generally content with having the ribbon inked into their bodies, some want something extra special. After all, people want to have the best tattoo possible and get one that best describes their personal experience. Here are just some of the twists commonly included in breast cancer ribbon tattoos.

  • Names - Names have always been a central figure in a lot of tattoos. When it comes to breast cancer ribbons, this is certainly not the exception. For cancer patients, the names they include in their tattoos include the people whom they consider as inspirations. For non-patients, the name/s usually inscribed in their tattoos usually belongs to people close to them who died from the disease. Adding names can make the tattoo carry a more personal meaning to its owner.
  • Quotations - The breast cancer ribbon may carry different meanings. Still, perhaps its biggest message is that of inspiration. The ribbon symbolizes hope for those who are dealing with the illness and still looking for ways to survive. This message is further driven home by quotations. Often times, the ribbon is included or even used as the font for inspirational words such as love, faith, and hope. Quotes such as Bible scriptures are also very popular accompaniments for the ribbons.
  • Figures - For some people, having a tattoo ribbon is way too simple. Others integrate the ribbon to create more elaborate images that capture the essence of personal struggle and faith. One common design incorporated in the tattoo is the butterfly. The butterfly symbolizes grace and beauty, 2 feminine characteristics that stand out in the face of something as life-changing as cancer. Angels and crosses are popular for those who lost someone special due to breast cancer. Some even incorporate the ribbon into more elaborate designs.

Women Awareness About Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Pink Ribbon Tattoos
Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Pink Ribbon Tattoos | Source
Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Pink Ribbon Tattoos 1
Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Pink Ribbon Tattoos 1 | Source
Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Pink Ribbon Tattoos 2
Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Pink Ribbon Tattoos 2 | Source
Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Women Awareness Hub
Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Women Awareness Hub | Source
Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Women Awareness Hub 1
Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Women Awareness Hub 1 | Source
Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Women Awareness Hub 2
Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Women Awareness Hub 2 | Source
Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Information Hub
Breast Cancer Ribbon Tattoos Information Hub | Source

These tattoos can be had in just about any tattoo shop around the world. Due to the popularity of such designs, they may already have ideas available on the shop. Of course, they are more than open to personal inputs by the client. In fact, there are some artists that offer free tattoo services for those who have breast cancer. In addition to this, some artists involve themselves in tattooing drives for the benefit of the patients and their families. The turnout for these events is often very strong, and subsequently helps in raising funds and awareness for breast cancer research.

They say only a few things in this world carry a person’s life story like a tattoo. Imprinted in your body for life, it’s something that carries a world of significance. Breast cancer ribbon tattoos are very popular for a good reason. These capture the hardships of those who suffered or are suffering from the illness, and also capture the hopes that this shall be overcome someday.


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    • healthbooklet profile image

      Sree Lakshmi 4 years ago

      @jpcmc : Thanks for your words ... Its just a small work to show my support :)

    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 4 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      This is a unique way of showing one's advocacy. It's definitely a statement for life.