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Burn injury and burn degrees

Updated on July 9, 2009

Burn injury First Aid

Burns normally occurs almost every day in the world today, the burns are caused by many things including chemicals, oil explosion, cooking gas, paraffin etc. Burn injuries are more than skin deep, when one is burn, you may think that only the skin surface has been affected, not only the skin but also other body organs.

The severity of the burn is determined by the depth of the burn and this is determined by the thickness of the skin burned and will eventually determined how well a patient will do, either die or survive. The degrees of the burn are determined by the depth of a burn

Burn injury result from exposure to heat, electricity, radiation from the sun and other substances, and any inflammable chemicals, sometimes burns can be caused by caustic substances which burn the cells lining of the esophagus

First degree burns

1st degree burn normally affect the outer layer of the skin known as epidermis. First degree burn is superficial (affect the surface of the skin, are shallow burns) and normally tends to heal faster leaving no scar. Symptoms of the first degree burns includes mild swelling, redness of the skin, and the victim will feel stinging pain on the burned surface

Second degree burns

2nd degree burns affect the outer layer of the skin called epidermis and part of the inner skin called dermis. The second degree normally causes blistering of the skin, and normally takes more time to heal than the first degree burn, and may leave some scar after healing. Symptoms of the second degree burn include red or molted appearance of the skin, are more painful than first and second degree burns, there is seepage of tissue fluids causing wetness on the affected area

Third degree burns

3rd degree burn of the skin are the most serious, all the skin layers (epidermis and dermis) are burnt including the nerves, sweat glands, and any other skin and body organ. Symptoms of the third degree burn include all destroying of the fatty layer, the burn causes the skin to appear white and charred. The irony with the third degree burns is that a patient might not feel much pain compare to the second degree burn due to the non function nerve ending system

Burn injury affects the skin which enables people to adapt to new environments which is done by nerve ending sensitizing us to touch, pressure, pain, heat and cold whether. The burn injury also affects the skin which is responsible for the manufacturing of Vitamin D done by the help of the sunlight

Burn injury First Aid

There should be a heat regulating device like a heater to help regulate the victim’s temperatures since the victim can no longer regulate his temperature normally. The other first aid to the burn victim is done by putting him on a water drip to replace the amount of water lost during the burn, when one has a burn injury they can no longer control the loss of water from the skin surface. Burn injury requires cooling by plain cold water, don’t use ice as this would cause shock, apply ointment to help soothe minor burn. For deep burns avoid greasy substances. Apply cool water for chemical burns until all chemical substances are removed from the burned areas. The victim should be rushed to the nearby health facility to get specialized treatment


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    • oderog profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Nairobi

      Sorry Season of Life to hear that you experienced 2nd degree burns, hope this information helped you and thanks for taking your time here

    • Seasons of Life profile image

      Concetta Ellis 

      9 years ago from Southern California

      Just read your blog. Good information. Just experienced 2nd degree burns last week which I also wrote a blog about. :)


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