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Burn Fat With Tea And A Sensible Calorie-Burning Diet

Updated on October 6, 2010

Tea is the latest health fad. It's become so popular in every diet that it's hard to keep all of the details straight. You're supposed to drink green tea because of the anti-oxidants right? You have to stay away from black tea because the caffeine is bad for you. There's something in the air about white tea but you're not sure you remember what it was. And then there's this rumor about tea-burning fat. But which tea burns it, if it's even true?

If you're hoping to burn fat with tea, there's only one tea that you really want to be looking at and that's oolong tea. True to all of the confusion in the air, oolong isn't really a black tea and it isn't really a green tea. It's a tea that lies somewhere in between. And that means that you get the best of both worlds. Oolong tea has the flavor of a green tea, but it has some of the energy-boosting properties that are more readily associated with the black teas.

Okay, but does oolong tea really burn fat? Studies have consistently shown that drinking oolong tea can increase your metabolism. (See the links following this article for more detailed information on these studies.) Of course, when your metabolism is faster, you burn fat more quickly and efficiently. So, to that end, oolong tea (and some will even say green tea) can help you to burn fat.

But, in order to burn fat with tea, you need to be realistic. You simply aren't going to lose weight by sitting around and drinking tea (oolong or otherwise) all day long. In order to really make the metabolism-increasing effects of tea work for you, you need to maximize that energy by using it to jumpstart your exercise program. Sure, a little bit more energy will help you lose weight a little at a time. But to see results, you'll need to use that energy actively.

Additionally, you should consider adding fat-burning tea to your diet at the expense of other liquids. By cutting out caffeinated drinks, as well as anything with sugar or alcohol, and replacing those with an intake of oolong tea, you'll vastly improve your chances of losing weight with the drink. Basically, it's a system of "out with the bad, in with the good". And that's what needs to be done if you're going to burn fat with tea in any sort of meaningful, noticeable way.

The fact is that there is no miracle diet. So, even if you know your white tea from your oolong tea and you've charted out all of the benefits of each, you aren't going to magically lose weight with the right combination of cups of tea. But, if you use tea in conjunction with the rest of a healthy diet, then you have a good chance of burning some fat. And you'll probably improve your heart and clear up your skin at the same time! That's almost a miracle, it's just one that you have to work for.


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