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Okinawa and Wu lung (Oolong) Tea & Weight Loss

Updated on October 30, 2012

It's no secret that tea is being used for weight loss purposes these days by a number of health-conscious people. But as the trend gets bigger and bigger, more studies are being done into the different benefits that are to be found in different kinds of tea. Most people already know that black tea isn't the way to go, since it has too much caffeine in it to be really good for healthy weight loss. But people don't really know what the difference is between green tea, white tea and such other teas as Okinawa or Wulung (Oolong) teas.

Don't worry if you're one of those people that thinks that they're basically all the same. This trend is still new so it's no wonder that you haven't figured out the nuances of it yet. But if you want to get ahead of the game, you should start looking at Okinawa and Oolong teas since they seem to be where the future of weight loss is in terms of the tea-drinking world. But you might want to look at these teas with open eyes so that you have all of the information about what it is that you're drinking.

The first thing to know is that both Okinawan tea and Wulung (or oolong) tea are green teas. Okinawa tea is actually full-on green tea whereas Wulung tea lies somewhere between green and black on the tea spectrum (the colors of tea like this are determined by their oxidation). Since both of these teas are essentially green teas, they have the same basic weight loss benefits as do other green teas. As you might know, green teas regulate the blog sugar levels in the body which is good for maintain healthy weight loss. They also increase the metabolism and may help burn fat. Additionally, since most people are using green teas to replace sugary or caloric drinks, they are a healthy alternative beverage for new dieters.

So what's the difference between any old green teas and the Okinawa and Wulung teas? Mostly, it's a difference of taste. If you aren't yet a tea drinker and are still trying to find a type of tea that is not only healthy for you but also palatable, you might find that your weight loss is aided by the pleasant taste of either Okinawan or Wulung tea. Okinawa tea is a reportedly rare tea that has a unique taste, similar to other green teas but with a flavor all its own. Wulung is known for its strong taste which is almost bitter as you drink it but then leaves a pleasant after taste in the mouth.

Will drinking Okinawa Tea or Oolong Tea help you to lose weight? Not just on its own, of course. There's no miracle drink, including the trend of tea. But if you incorporate these teas into a healthy diet and exercise program which is mindful of not over-consuming anything (including the teas), then these can be great for losing weight in a safe and natural manner.


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    roxcy 10 years ago

    i stay in South Africa, where can i get wu long tea from