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Buying The Cheapest Treadmill Online

Updated on January 7, 2010
One of the cheapest treadmills available online
One of the cheapest treadmills available online

If you are looking for the cheapest treadmills on the market, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can find to buy online for under $150.  Here are some great examples of cheap treadmills that you can buy in order to get your New Years resolution to lose weight off to a very good start.

Stamina InMotion II Manual Treadmill

This is an excellent example of a cheap treadmill that you can buy online and have delivered to your home within days.

This is the Stamina InMotion manual treadmill.  It is manually operated which means that you are the one that will set the pace that you want to walk or run at.  The rubber matting runs along a heavy duty steel frame and it is so quiet that you can get on with your exercise without having to worry about irritating other people in the vicinity.   

The walking or running deck measures 42 inches in length which is a perfect size for anyone who wants to take long walking strides or if you would prefer to exercise by taking a more strenuous jogging pace.

If you choose to buy this exercise treadmill you will find that there are some great additional features.  This includes a battery operated monitor that will keep a record of your running distance, the speed that you run, jog or walk at and also the amount of calories that you are burning off during your exercise regime.

If you are looking to make your exercise schedule a little more intense, you have the option to choose two different incline settings with this running track.  The two different inclines can be set at 8 degrees or at 10 degrees intervals.

This handy home treadmill is also compact enough to give you absolutely no issues with regard to storage.  For people who do not have the space to keep their exercise equipment out on display the whole time, you can easily fold this together and using the runners on the bottom, you can roll it under your bed or store it away in a cupboard.  It is also quick and easy to open up so that you can get on with whatever exercise routine you have set for yourself.

Cheap manual treadmill in the folded position
Cheap manual treadmill in the folded position

The Advantage of Buying Your Own Treadmill

One of the benefits of buying your own treadmill to use at home means that you do not have to pay for a gym membership.  This can work out to be quite expensive over the course of a year.  It also takes a lot of time and commitment to try and fit the time into a busy schedule to get yourself down to the gym. 

If you have your own treadmill at home, you can set your exercise schedule to suit you.  For example, you could decide to exercise as soon as you get out of bed.  All you would need to do is to get on your jogging shoes, and step straight onto your running machine.  You do not have to think about packing your exercise bag or worry about how you look.  There is no one that you need to impress.

Once you have done your set amount of minutes or burned the amount of calories that you wanted to, you are done for the day and can get straight into the shower and get on with the rest of your day.

Alternatively you could fit your exercise routine into the middle of your day or whenever it suits you and you will never have to consider the possibility of overcrowding at all.  The treadmill is ready to use whenever you want to use it and you will never have to wait in line.

If you can find yourself the cheapest treadmill available, you will be able to do yourself a favour by losing weight on a budget.  Maybe you could spend the money you save on a brand new wardrobe of clothes.


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