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Buying Home Gym Equipment

Updated on April 7, 2015

Purchasing Exercise Equipment For A Home Gym

These days, there are way too many people who have sedentary lifestyles. They have jobs that have them sitting at a desk all day, and may not always have the time to hit the gym when they're not at work. Many of these people also rely on fast food restaurants for their meals, since they are always on the go. This all adds up to fat gains for most of us. To get rid or prevent these increases in body fat, it's a must to exercise regularly.

While numerous people need to work out to lose unwanted body fat, many of them will inevitably come up with the "I just don't have the time to exercise" excuse. A lot of them also don't look forward to going to a gym and would be more likely to exercise if they could do it in private. This is why setting up a home gym is a good idea. With workout equipment in your home, you'll have an easier time finding time to work out and will also avoid the overcrowded gym.

When it comes to buying home gym equipment, it's best to go for quality so it will last a long time. To get a complete workout, you should get equipment for doing cardiovascular, weight training, and abdominal exercise.

Best Cardio Equipment For Your Home

A lot of people want cardiovascular exercise machines when they are interested in buying home gym equipment. Nothing is better than cardio exercise if you want to burn unwanted body fat and improve your cardiovascular health. If you want to get all of these benefits you should check the best cardio equipment, which includes treadmills, stationary bikes, elliptical machines, and stair steppers.

If your favorite form of cardiovascular exercise is running, a treadmill is a perfect addition to your home gym. The best treadmills will allow you to run smoothly at any speed you set it to. You can make your running workouts more intense by inclining your treadmill.

For those who enjoy bicycling when they do cardio, a stationary bike is an excellent choice. They will allow you to bike at your own speed in the comfort of your own home. Many of them also have options that will allow you to mimic riding up and down hills for a more intense workout.

A great option for anyone buying home gym equipment is an elliptical machine. These won't give your joints the pounding they may get from other forms of cardio exercise. You move your legs in a smooth back and forth motion with no jarring movements. Ellipticals are especially great for those who have joint problems.

Getting some boxing equipment will make for a great cardio workout. For starters you will need a heavy bag and bag gloves. If you want, you can purchase a speed bag as well. A jump rope is great for a boxing style workout as well.

Best Weight Training Equipment For Your Home Gym

Weight training is great exercise for building your muscles and improving your physique. It will also help you burn extra fat. Without a doubt, when you're buying home gym equipment you should look into getting weight training equipment.

The most important weight training equipment is, of course, the weights themselves. A good weight set will include a solid barbell and weights ranging from 2.5 pounds to 45 pounds. It's also a good idea to get a pair of adjustable dumbbells for more exercise variety.

There is also plenty of weight training equipment besides weights that will help you get the most out your workouts. One of these pieces of equipment is a weight bench. A weight bench will allow you to do the most popular weight training exercise - the bench press. There are also plenty of other exercises you can perform on a bench. You'll want a bench that can handle plenty of weight so you can lift with confidence. You can also find adjustable benches that will allow you to do more exercises. Without a doubt, a weight bench is a must when purchasing home gym equipment.

Another excellent piece of weight training equipment is a squat rack. Squats are the best overall weight training exercise there is, and having a squat rack will allow you to easily put the weight on your back and will give you added confidence while squatting since you can easily rack the weight. There are plenty of other exercises a squat rack can assist you in doing as well.

Getting a pull-up bar or lat pulldown machine when you're buying home gym equipment is a good idea if you want to build an optimal physique. Pull-ups and pulldowns will help you build the lats, which will increase the width of your body. Pull-ups can be tough for many of us, so you may want to go with a lat pulldown apparatus until you get strong enough to do a number of pull-ups. You can find lat pulldown machines by themselves or as an add-on to many weight benches.

Other great weight training equipment to buy for a home gym includes a leg extension and curl machine, military press bench, and preacher bench.

Top Abdominal Exercise Equipment For Your Home Gym

If you're interested in buying home gym equipment, you'll likely want some equipment for training your abdominal muscles. Of course, you can perform many ab exercises without equipment, though having some can certainly enhance your workouts.

One of the best pieces of equipment to exercise your abs on is a slanted sit-up board. They will allow you to perform decline sit-ups, which are an excellent exercise for building the muscles of the midsection.

You can also get a flat bench to perform crunches and leg raises on when you're buying home gym equipment. They are much more comfortable than doing these exercises on the floor.

One inexpensive piece of equipment that's excellent for training your abs is a core ball. When crunches are performed on a core ball, you can get a much deeper stretch in your abdominal muscles since you can lower your upper body below where your midsection is. You'll also activate more small muscles to balance your body on the ball.

Another great inexpensive piece of equipment to train your abs is the ab roller. These will give your abs a different type of resistance than other abdominal exericses and you will be sore if you've never used one before.

Other Equipment That Can Be Used In A Home Gym

There are plenty of smaller pieces of equipment and accessories that can be used when you train in a home gym. These include lifting aids and little things that can enhance your workouts.

Gripping weights while performing heavy exercises like rows and deadlifts can be aided by using a pair of wrist straps. Lifting gloves can also help. Knee and elbow wraps are great when you have some minor joint pain.

Other types of small equipment include a bosu (both sides up) ball to improve your balance. You can use a bosu for many types of different exercises.


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