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Updated on October 7, 2009


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Courtesy of link at the end of blogFar beyond  Even the Autumn  Of her own life,  Courtesy of link at the end of blogCourtesy of link at the end of blogYes, I miss her so!
Courtesy of link at the end of blog
Courtesy of link at the end of blog
Far beyond  Even the Autumn  Of her own life,
Far beyond Even the Autumn Of her own life,
Courtesy of link at the end of blog
Courtesy of link at the end of blog
Courtesy of link at the end of blog
Courtesy of link at the end of blog
Yes, I miss her so!
Yes, I miss her so!

Autumnal Therapy

 Wow! Who knows how long this will last? It seems that we have suddenly turned from being crabby, hot, and sweaty, to being cuddly, warm and cozy! Wow! Just over a few degrees. I am not so sure about global warming after all. Well, yes, global warming takes on a whole new meaning here. It’s now about the interpersonal climate in our house, in our neighborhood, and in our small town which is nestled up against the San Bernardino Mountains. Even clients appear different this week. Folks are cheery. Their faces appear young. When asked the infamous question, "So how are you?" everyone is responding with something like, "pretty good actually."

One young man, who rarely opens up to me, except non-verbally–we play drums together–spontaneously declared, "You know, it was cold yesterday!" I am so glad, that sometimes, I do have enough sense to pay attention, because it opened up what was once a black hole, and the conversation was quite revealing, and I hope healing for him. He was able to talk about a terrible trauma which occurred some six years ago, and he typically just shuts down when the topic comes up. I guess we could call it Autumnal therapy or cool down treatment!

One of my most enjoyable vacations was almost forty years ago, a trip to New England the last week of September and the first two weeks of October. Wow! The colors in New Hampshire and Vermont were spectacular. Here in Yucaipa, the leaves typically do not change colors till the last weeks of November and early December, and there are places here in town where the colors are quite remnant of New England.

My first love, Roberta, was really drawn to the Fall and made it a point to decorate the house each year with preserved colored leaves and miniature pumpkins. Thus the following poem.


Autumn was her favorite

Time of year.



Burnt oranges,

Deep reds--

Warmed our home

Which She adorned with leaves


To remind us

Of Autumns past and present.

Now She is passed,

Far beyond

Even the Autumn

Of her own life,

To a place not a soul here

Knows about.

And yes,

It’s October once again.

And yes,

I miss her so.

So how’s been "global warming" in your area and what wonder ful changes have you noticed in folks this past week just because it is becoming cooler where you live? What an assumption on my part, right? Think you all live within a ten mile radius of me. Small town thinking, I know. But maybe what happened here this week is more wide-spread than I realize. I’m taking a chance that perhaps it is!! I know, I’m a tad nuts!

Thanks for reading and laughing with and at me.


Some of the slides to the right are courtesy of the link below 


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    • palmerlarryray profile image

      Larry Ray Palmer 

      8 years ago from Macon, Missouri

      It skipped cool here and went to downright cold. Made my kids wild but I haven't been out of the house much so I don't know about the outside world. lol


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