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Updated on July 29, 2014


Attitude of Gratitude

I brought up the topic of Attitude for one reason and one reason only, "Your attitude can change the world." What do I mean? Have you seen the movie "Out of the Mouth of Madness" It's about a book writer that wrote a horror book that impacted his fans so much they were actually living in fear. The book writer's attitude caused others to react therefore changing the scene of the world.

Why do I bring that up? You can take a person with the most pleasant disposition and beautiful personality and in an enviroment that contains a toxic attitude can change that persons whole demeanor. Do you remember when the move "Contagion" came out in 2011? This movie impacted so many people that the doctors offices were filled with people wanting to take all sorts of tests.

How is your attitude? How are you thinkning? Did something happen today or over the weekend that has you thinking negatively? When you think negatively and consistently harbor that thought more negative experiences are drawn to you. That recently happened to me. It started on a Monday I wasn't feeling well, then on Tuesday I allowed someone who was upset about something I had no control over agitate me even more then after that person lifted my agitation, every experience I had after that was an aggrevating experience. I was yelled at 3 times by customers on the phone with something I had no control over. I was calm when I responded but when I got off the phone my aggrevation grew. The following day Wednesday I had an issue with my home where water was pouring from my unit into my neighbors unit but before that I was on the phone with an irate customer. One after another negative experiences were drawn to my negative energy. On Thursday was my breaking point, I yelled, screamed and cried because I asked someone to leave me alone and let me calm down and they didn't leave me alone.

My negative attitude on Monday morning generated my negative experience. If I would have changed my attitude that Monday morning to a positive one I believe that my experience even if those people were still negative would have turned out differently. Although I felt I needed to scream and cry due to anxiety and pressure I was having I felt that I could have controlled it much better If I would have changed the way I looked at the things that was bothering me.

Friends I say this to you, "If you are feelin some type a way" today that may be negative or feeling defeated or down, don't allow that feeling to create your day or week. Don't allow that feeling you feel cause a trickle or domino affect on others as well as yourself.

Take a note from this beautiful young lady. Jessica's "Daily Affirmation" - YouTube

This is what you are/I am: "Make your statement today. Give a positive experience in a postive way to others. Make this day better than yesterday so that your tomorrow won't look back at today regretting a behavior that you can control right now!. Have an awesome, marvelouse Monday!

The sun has risen for you today.

The rain is watering the earth for you today.

I am the clothes are wearing you today.

My hair is the beautiful crown on your head.

My eyes see the beauty of the people that you meet

My heart beats for the love that you give to others.

I am amazing in the beauty that you have

I am the wonder of the world

I am a star in the heavens

I am a beautiful and awesome creative being.

I am.......


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