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Calorie Counting - Weight Loss that Works: Healthy Recipes & Ideas for Lean Meals Under 600 Calories, 100 Calorie Snacks

Updated on April 9, 2017

Counting Calories

In order to lose weight fast your energy intake must be less than your output. Through calorie counting diets you are able to lose weight and learn portion control while still eating things you enjoy rather than going on a fad diet.

Calorie Counting - Get More for Less


Lose Weight Calorie Counting

Losing weight fast through a calorie counting diet is easy; you have to create a calorie deficit. If you consume less calories than you burn in a day there will be lost weight. 3500 calories = 1 pound of body fat; a great way for natural weight loss.

The basic formula for weight loss is to reduce your maintenance calories each day by 500 calories. By creating a 500 calorie deficit over the course of seven days you would have burned 3500 calories; 1 pound of body fat loss in a week.

MyFitnessPal has a great tool for determining your maintenance calories. It is my personal calorie counting website where I log my food, exercise and keep up with what my calorie deficit should be because it does change as your weight changes. It also comes as a downloadable app and I make use of it daily.

This easy weight loss trick is the key to losing weight and keeping it off. If you do integrate healthy eating and exercise into your life you will see natural weight loss that changes your life.

Calorie counting:

  • helps you learn portion control
  • educates you about what's in what you eat,
    (I realized I consumed way too much sodium when I started! Yikes!)
  • keeps a list that holds you accountable
  • helps you learn healthy eating habits
  • brings weight loss!!

Here are several foods that are calorie friendly that won't make you feel like you are dieting. 100 calorie snacks, healthy meals and healthy recipes to make you feel good about yourself from my own personal stash.

Salmon Patties
Salmon Patties | Source
Flank Steak
Flank Steak | Source

Smart Snacking

Stop and put the bag of potato chips down! It IS possible to have a treat and it be healthy. Potato chips, cookies and candy is not the way to go if you are set on losing weight.

Eating three healthy meals a day still keeps you hungry in between if you are fairly active. Going to school, working out, going to your job are bound to bring about the food cravings.

Snacking on nutritious foods instead of a bag of Lay's Potato Chips can help keep your metabolism high, your mind alert and keep your energy pumping throughout the day.

Here is a list I've compiled of some healthy snacks to keep you from chomping down on chocolate chip cookies or a king size candy bar.

Pecan Pie Tarts
Pecan Pie Tarts | Source
Raspberry Sorbet
Raspberry Sorbet | Source

Wage War on Calories!



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