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Is Cancer A Man-Made Disease?

Updated on May 3, 2011

No Carcinogens In The Ocean

Environmental risks account for 80-90 percent of cancer cells. Carcinogens were measured 3000 miles away in the ocean and their level was found to be zero, the more we get closer to the earth the more are the carcinogens.

Environmental risks involve air, lifestyle, eating and drinking. Even inherited malformed genes require many generations to be settled and passed into the daughter cells, and this gives a picture about the environmental influences.

Carcinogens that are present in tobacco smokes, diet, medicines, water, and air are all made by humans.

Cancer and Change in External Environment

Thinning of the ozone layer was induced by man made chemicals emitted from earth, and this increased our exposure to the cosmic rays. Ionizing radiation comprises also radon, X-rays, atomic bombs, and above the ground atomic bomb tests, most of them are made or induced by man.

Humans also decreased the oxygen level in the earth's atmosphere, it dtereorated from 30 percent in the 1930s to 25 percent in the 1950s, to 16-19 percent today (many large cities have oxygen level as low as 12 percent). Dr O.Warburg (a twice Nobel Prize Laureate) revealed that most disease is caused by insufficient oxygen levels in the body.

Air is full of petroleum waste products (e.g. Dioxane).

Some people say that it was always present, and that it is the development of diagnosis tools that enabled us to discover the disease, nevertheless, the rates at which cancer takes new lands prove that it is a man-made disaster.

Normal Folks in the Future

Cancer and Change in the Internal Environment

Cell activities are automatically driven by orders given by DNA (the manager of the cell that is present in its nucleus). Unless there is a genetic defect in the composition of DNA, cell activities are the same as long as the surrounding conditions are the same.

Once the internal environment is changed by a change in the content or the structure of the cell, then the crop of its activities is not the same as before.

For example, when trans-fats present in the processed foods are stuck in the energy house of the cell (mitochondria), they change their membranes, and this may change the energy yield of a cell.

Another example is the products of the oxygen. Oxygen normally, reacts with hydrogen ions in the mitochondria to produce water and energy, it is also involved in many other biochemical reactions. In any biochemical reaction inside the body, the conditions are precisley adjusted to produce one and the same product every time through enzymes. Any change in the conditions of the reaction, produces other oxygen species (e.g.superoxide anion) , which uncontrollably changes the structure of the cell itself, i.e. it is as if the cell "rusts".

Another example is when any thing introduced into the body and that thing changes the properties of the enzymes that regulate the body activities.

Precision of Enzymes

Cancer and Changing the Cellular Environment

Cancer makes the biggest change in the type of life we live on the planet earth. The devil enemy changes our cells from an AEROBIC cell that can not live without oxygen, into mostly an anaerobic cell where it does not depend on oxygen to produce energy, it converts human cells to cells related to Tetanus and Gangrene cells.

Once again Dr Warburg said " Cancer has only one prime cause. The prime cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of body cells by an anaerobic respiration".

Cancer transforms life from its highest level on earth, to the lowest level lived by micro-organisms in the soil. The more the cells it converts the more is the progress of the disease.


Mitchondria Uses Oxygen for Energy Production Normally

Changing Cell Environment to Treat Cancer

In the 1970s, the Russian and the German scientists - independently- tried to treat cancer by flooding the body cells with Glucose, to utilize the enormous capacity of the cancer cells to extract any glucose amounts present in the blood. The continuous anaerobic metabolism of glucose produces large amounts of acids (Lactate and Pyruvate) that can kill or "burn" the cancer cells. They succeeded with some cases.

There are empirical trials to increase oxygen delivery to the cells, by using some herbal preparations, yet there are not published clinical trials on these experiments.

Changing the Environment to Treat Cancer

Other than the measures recommended by the institutions and taken by the governments to minimize the carcinogens in the environment, we do not have much to do other than increasing the intake of vegetables and fruits, as well as updating our information about new hazards.

Eat Vegetables and Fruits


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      How is it possible to know if cancer is manmade?

      Early man, egyptian, and Neanderthal only lived at best

      into their 40's and 50's. Cancer is generally not

      observed until much older.

    • profile image


      9 years ago


    • profile image


      9 years ago

      That is a great informative hub. Environment is a big part of almost all cancer diseases, and we should keep this in mind if we want to live healthy lives.

      Thank you


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