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How To Choose The Program of Your Diet Plan - List

Updated on October 16, 2011

If you gained extra weight you should know that your metabolism is not the same one that kept you lean before. You should understand that your new metabolism utilizes your current life style to store excess fat, and you need to modify your life style to prevent it from doing that, and to do that you should understand your metabolism and your food.

Swallowing diet pills or starving your body to slow down your metabolism and lose weight, is not the solution to your overweight problem, since they work temporarily, do harm to your body, and may be far from the right basics of weight loss.

The basic idea of controlling weight is exchanging foods that caused you gain weight, with foods that do not. When you know foods that cause your metabolism to produce obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart diseases, and foods that do not cause that, you will be able to create your own plan that is based on your specific metabolic type.

The best diet solution program is the one that covers the following basics:

- Created by a professional person who has a clinical background

- Principles of losing weight and maintaining optimal weight. Debunking old misconceptions and myths

- The solution that all diets fail at by presenting the one-sized-fits-all plans

- Simple and easy to comprehend program

- A nutritious program more than a diet program

- Fuel kind your own body needs

- A personalized diet plan created by you

- What to Eat and what to avoid

- List of fat burning foods

- List of weight-friendly foods

- List of diet-enemy foods

- List of delicious recipes

- List of action steps

- Program that reduce your need for exercise

- Necessary helpful exercise and no more

- How to drink the recommended 3 L/day of water

- A sneaky way (tips,audio,video...etc) to taste what the program looks like

- No strict guidelines

- Meal plans for each day

- Manual for shopping lists and recipes

Misconceptions about Foods and Drinks

There are many misconceptions and myths that need to be corrected in view of the recent scientific findings. In fact, the internet has largely participated in conveying the wrong messages like, the confusion about the negative calorie effect of some foods, or the misconception of not drinking while eating. The internet owes normal people to correct these misconceptions and here we do.

Foods to Eat

Many diet plans tells you to eat 1 ounce of this and 1/2 ounce of that, in a boring way that lets many people quit the whole thing. We need to know that this food is weight-friendly, and we will not be worried about eating them freely except in a few cases that we should know. Here are some food categories or items that you should not worry about

Foods to Avoid

Again, it is not the individual foods we seek, it is a class of foods that we avoid completely, an example of a food category that we should pay attention to, is the high glycemic foods that we should be familiar with its members, to pick them up and exclude them from our food. Also foods that contain trans fats like fried foods and potato chips. Here are some examples :

Weight Loss Diet Tips

Tips are meant to either expand your view about a subject to ease how you can conceive it, or draw your attention to tiny pieces of information not to neglect. Here are some tips that help you do that :

Glycemic Index Pyramid


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