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Cancer: A Dark Journey

Updated on November 8, 2021

The Medical Report

Diagnosis of cancer is devastating; it is advisable to surround yourself with loved ones and receive their love, comfort and support. The journey is arduous there are frequent medical visits and sometimes stays in the hospital, it is incredibly gruelling - mentally and physically. Agencies offer much needed professional help for both the families and suffers. They have nurses, counsellors and support meetings and the outcome is good. Increasingly, a large number of cancer suffers have decided to use alternative treatment rather than conventional medical intervention.

Food to Fight Cancer

The biggest risk factor for cancer is obesity. Bad lifestyle choices, genetics and lack of physical activity can put an individual at risk for developing certain cancers. Processed food such as, sugar, saturated fats and food preserved in salt has been described as toxic to every consumer. Processed food leads to obesity, eating this food makes a person overeat as there is little nutritional value. The less red meat a patient eats the better.

Focus on fruit, vegetables and whole grains. Green plants have certain cancer fighting properties. Coffee and tea have been found to fight cancer. Eating healthily helps the body while going through treatment. Lastly, exercise helps when an individual takes control over their body when their life is out of control.

These changes in diet can cause withdrawal symptoms, the body is detoxifying. It can be uncomfortable, although, it is temporary.


The Vitamin C Treatment

A cancer suffer in America was told by his doctors to go home and die. They told him that there was nothing more they could do for him, and that he did not have long to live.
He sought treatment from a doctor who administered a high dose of vitamin C intravenously. A year later he is still alive. Treatment reduced the tumour growth by half and there were few side affects. It also works as an anti-oxidant and prevents the cancer from spreading. The vitamin C treatment appears to be making great progress for the patients and are having success with the treatment.

Out of the Blue

A sixty-three year old man was hospitalised for leukaemia. He is a non-smoker, does not drink alcohol, eats a wide variety of fruits and vegetables from his garden and trains throughout the year to be fit enough to compete in marathons every year. His family are frustrated that he is in this current situation after living a healthy lifestyle.

Life is unpredictable no matter what health measures one takes to prolong their life.

Testimony of a Cancer Survivor

Nancy (not her name) survived a triple-negative breast cancer. Her treatment included chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Nancy realised that eating healthy and exercising helped her body while going through treatment. She praised the medical staff for helping her and answering all her questions. After her treatment there was no trace of cancer. She was determined to fight for her life.
Nancy is one of many that have been healed of cancer.

Do you know someone who has recovered from cancer?

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Stars Shine in Dark Places


Find Peace of Mind

In the midst of a raging life storm a gamut of emotions can overwhelm a cancer suffer. Firstly, know that you are not alone. Talk to family, friends and health professionals this helps.

The following emotions that usually surface. Anger, the patient is not ready to die. Fear, people are often afraid to die. Trying and identify what you fear can help. Guilt and regret a person might experience guilt and remorse for the people they’ve hurt or upset. Grief is another natural emotional response, talk to a health provider or a cancer support nurse. Anxiety is a natural reaction. Finding the meaning or a purpose in life and what has happened. You may wonder how you will be remembered after you have passed away.

These emotions can be discussed at a deeper level with a councillor or health professional. They are tough issues to work through, but knowing what to expect will better help manage a patient’s emotions.

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