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Relaxing candlelit bath in hot water

Updated on August 26, 2012

Candlelight bath for one

Take a few candles in your hand, walk in to your bathroom and put them on a table next to your bathtub or on the edge of tour tub. 

Put the water on and choose a temperature on the water that is hotter than you normally shower in. Fill the tub up with water, put some bubbles in if you like.

Light all the candles and turn out the light.

Go and get a bottle of your favorite wine, or whatever you like to drink. Fill up in a beautiful glass.

Now take your clothes of and make sure you have a towel or a bathrobe close.

Now step into the hot water, I know it's almost to hot, but sit down anyway and just fall back and relax. Take a zip of your wine and enjoy this silent moment with yourself.

Make this a rutin and try to just chill out in your own company from time to time. Just a silent moment to clear your thaughts is very good for you. And your body will relax nicely in the hit water. Enjoy!


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