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Can't Get Over It?

Updated on August 3, 2010

Don't know what's bothering you? Get out of your rut.


Sometimes a person gets to a point in their life when they just can't figure out what's wrong.  Usually the family life is good, friends are great, but there is still something making them unhappy.  By no means are things perfect in their life, but nothing is bad enough to make them feel as crappy as they do.

It isn't good to just dig and dig at the unhappiness.  Usually that leads to over thinking the entire situation an causing the small flaws in life to grow into bigger flaws.  There are a few things that can help a person to get through this rut more easily.


Over-thinking a problem can become very stressful for a person, especially an emotional person.  If you're one of those people that either doesn't have a lot of trustworthy friends to talk to, or does but isn't the type to talk about your problems, then you need to solve this problem on your own.  One of the best things, but not the easiest things to do is meditate.  Your mind is full of thoughts, emotions, memories, and what 'ifs'. So just clear your head.  To do this you can get comfy, relax your body in a peaceful area, and concentrate on physical things in a focused manner rather than your thoughts. Your breathing in and out or your heart beat can work as well.  Count, smell the things around you, or find some sky to stare into.

A few other ways to meditate are to watch movies, read a book, or listen to music.  These alternatives allow your mind to escape into another world, someone else's reality, or just some form of harmony rather than chaos.

Work It Out

Something else that helps drain your body of bad emotions, is physical activity.  People say all the time that you must find a way to release some of your aggression, well, the same works for other emotions as well.  It helps sometimes to go on a walk or a nice run and just drain your energy or enjoy the fresh air.  This not only relaxes you, but it usually can leave you feeling good about yourself because you got some exercise. 

Some different ways to physically express yourself are to dance, work-out doing some cardio, or even sex is good for the body.  Most of these can be followed up with a hot bath or steamy shower to relax the body even further. 

Woman Up

Don't confuse the term "woman up" for just women.  It's stereotypical actually.   By "woman up" I mean to let out a good cry.  This includes men as well as women.  Sometimes you're just so baffled by yourself the best thing to do is grab some tissue and let it all out.  Some hot coffee or tea compliments this well because you get a little groggy and snotty occasionally.  If you simply just can't cry, try thinking of the saddest thing that ever happened to you or someone you cared about.  That doesn't seem healthy but eventually you'll realize why you're really crying. 

Another way to squirt out the tears is to sit down and watch a sappy movie.  "My Best Friend's Wedding," "The Notebook", "My Sister's Keeper" and "The Crazies" are a few that have their tear jerking moments whether you're a man or woman. 

So if you're feeling down and you can't figure out why, you can get through it on your own.  If you have that great friend that is willing to listen and understand or to even be your shoulder to cry on, then you're better off.  Sometimes these three things seem too simple to make you feel better, but they work if you really try.  So meditate, take a nice jog, cry, and jump in a hot shower and before you know it you'll have a sense of relief or maybe even a smile.


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    • DTroth profile image

      Diana Owens 7 years ago from My Little Hole In The Wall, HubPages, USA

      You have a lot of promise, Huey19. A few rough edges here and there, but the general flow of your Hubs is very good. Such emotion. Just let it all out, sweet potato. (:

      I like what I'm reading from you.

      Keep it up.