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Diet Tricks for Weight Loss and Healthy Living

Updated on May 12, 2014

What Do You Eat?

Everyday we all make choices on what and what not to eat. Some people were born with taste buds that love bland vegetables and don't crave sweets or salt. However, if you are anything like me, you're not that lucky.

People snack on potato chips instead of celery and have sugar filled cereal for breakfast instead of yogurt and nuts. A lot of this problem results from out go-go-go lifestyles. We wake up late because we needed more sleep and didn't have a chance to cook breakfast. We are working all day and don't have time to plan a nutritious dinner, instead buying pizzas and Hot Pockets. It's a vicious circle.

However, these can't be used as excuses. Your body is your lifeline and you need to be healthy to provide for your family, yourself and be happy. Find the time to make simple healthy changes to your diet.


I am not a nutritionist or dietitian. Before going on any diet you should consult your physician to see what kind of diet you should be on.

Cut the Soda

Soda was my weakness for a long time. I could drink between six and eight Coca-Cola's per day! That's an average of an extra 600-800 empty calories in my diet. Yuck! On top of the empty calories, Coke contains 27 grams of sugar per eight ounces.

If you are a soda addict, the best way to cut it from your diet is to slowly ease out of it. No one expects you to go from drinking six Coke's per day to none. First, the caffeine withdrawals will give you major headaches and you are going to be anxious and jittery. You may also consume more food to replace the soda. So, if you drink six sodas per day, cut down to four the next day. And have one less each day.

If you are craving the crisp bubbly sensation have a glass of carbonated water with a slice of lemon or lime. If you are really in a bind, Alka-Seltzer with lemon or lime works, too.

Can you believe popcorn is a recommended whole grain?
Can you believe popcorn is a recommended whole grain? | Source

Know Your Carbs

Carbs are another one of my weaknesses. For forever I thought any and all carbs were bad. To my surprise, I could still eat noodles, toast and rice. I just had to give them a makeover. Opt for brown rice instead of white rice. Choose whole grain bread over white bread. Pick wheat pasta over the competitor, white pasta.

More than the the base, your toppings can make a huge difference. Alfredo sauce is loaded with calories and saturated fats. Instead you can sprinkle some Parmesan cheese and broccoli over your noodles. Have some low fat peanut butter on your toast.

Other healthy carbs you can eat without guilt include oatmeal, Quinoa and unbelievably popcorn. Don't get the Extra Butter. Instead, pop your own kernels. Use one large tablespoon of kernels to get three cups of popcorn. This equals one of your daily whole grain servings.

Amazing Plate Tricks

Eat on smaller plates. It creates the illusion that there is more food on your plate than you think. Eat less and be healthy.

Another trick to eating less is the color of your dinnerware. Blue plates are proven to make people eat less. However, blue is not the only color that will make you eat less. Any contrasting color such as bright red, or yellow makes people eat less.

Don't have the money for new dinnerware? Try buying cheap colorful tablecloths instead. They have the same effect.

Eat More to Lose More

People who only eat three meals per day are proven to eat more than people who eat five or six times per day. Having five or six small meals per day increases overall metabolism and keeps you from overeating.

Start your day off with a breakfast full of protein and complex carbs. A whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese and a cup of fruit is a great choice. Eating breakfast within the first hour of waking can boost your metabolism.

Remember that each meal doesn't have to be cooked, so you don't have to find that extra time. Eat raw vegetables and fruit with a handful of nuts for a quick and easy meal.

Eating frequently can curb your hunger pangs. You will feel less hungry and more satisfied each day, even though you may be eating the same amount of food as you used to.

Try to eat the same number of calories with each small meal. If your daily intake is 1500 calories, divide that by 6 to come up with each meals calorie limit. In this case, it would be 250 calories. Doing this regulates the metabolism in the body.

You should be eating a little bit every two to three hours optimally.

If You Want It

Eating is mind over matter. When you crave something sweet or salty, tell yourself that you already know what it tastes like and you don't need it. When these feeling come on, drink a large glass of ice cold water. Water fills you up without adding any calories.

If you want to change your eating habits, it's possible. It's not always easy, but the first couple weeks are the hardest. Push through those and you will find a new routine that is easy to follow.

Which of the following photos looks most appetizing?

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Photo A
Photo A | Source
Photo B
Photo B | Source

Photo A - A medium sized McDonald's Big Mac Meal contains 990 calories!

  • There are 40 grams of fat in this meal
  • 50 percent of your daily saturated fat comes from this meal
  • There are 123 grams of carbs in a Medium Big Mac Meal

Photo B - Herbed Pork Medallions on top of crisp spring greens

  • There are 235 calories in this dish
  • This meal contains only eight grams of fat
  • There are a slim 14 carbs in this meal


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