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Clear your sinus with a Neti Pot

Updated on July 22, 2011
Neti Pots come in complete kits w/ solution for under $20
Neti Pots come in complete kits w/ solution for under $20
Use only boiled or distilled water
Use only boiled or distilled water
Many styles to choose from
Many styles to choose from

Steps to use a Neti Pot

I have to admit that I was a big chicken. I purchased a Neti Pot almost a full year ago and was so intimidated that I lost it and had to go get a new one. There is just something about pouring liquid into one nostril and having it come out of the other that is scary. It is just so weird. I thought for sure that I would have the drowning sensation. Who wants to volunteer for that?
Finally, I just could not take the itch in my nose. I have chronic allergies. In Florida, there is no allergy season. There are just allergies. I am a chain sneezer and it has gotten so bad that I literally can sneeze in my sleep. I can also reach for the tissue and wipe my nose with out really waking up. These are not things to be proud of so in utter desperation, I bought the nedi pot again. The package was under $20 at Wal-Mart and it included a lot of solution. Honestly, I worked myself up way too much. It was easy, effective, and pretty comfortable.
If you are still in your chicken stage, allow me to help you.

First, you are going to want to wash the Neti Pot, whether it is new or not, and wash your hands. You are flushing your nasal passages so lets not introduce more dirt. To wash your Neti Pot, simply use warm water and a small amount of dish soap. Close the lid, shake, and rinse.
Next you are going to open the package of powdered solution and pour it into the pot.
Next you are either going to warm some distilled, bottled, or boiled water. Once again, you are sterilizing right now. You are going to want to work with warm water, so if you decide to boil, be sure to LET IT COOL DOWN! Your nasal passages are delicate and it will hurt if you burn them! Note: Boiling water will melt the plastic pot, so let it cool down.

Now you are ready to start flushing.
Lean over the sink. Tilt your head as shown in the picture and begin pouring slowly. Keep your mouth open and do not breath thru your nose. Keep pouring even if the liquid is not coming out of the other end. That is a natural part of flushing. To keep the solution from going down your throat, resist the urge to look in the mirror and keep your chin tucked in. Some went down my throat and it didn't bother me. The solution won't harm your throat and all you have to do is spit it out. Just don't drink it or breath it in. Use about 1/2 of the bottle on one side then save the rest for the other.
Blow your nose between sides. This will help get some of things you loosened out. Be sure you do not squeeze or pinch your nose when you blow! Keep it gentle.
Now all that is left is to clean the pot again.

I noticed a huge difference right away. I can breathe thru both nostrils. I can use them both at the same time!

Some things you should know...

The Neti Pot is safe to use daily. It is also safe for children. Just let them know that they will feel a slight tickle. If you are battling a cold, flu, or have huge allergies, you are able to use the Neti Pot twice a day.

Make sure to test the water first to prevent burning the nasal passages.

What is the difference between this and sprays?
Sprays are wonderful for some relief, but they are not a rinse. They do not flush your sinuses. Sprays are good for use on the go, at work, or for between rinse maintenance. Neti Pots help flush. It also is a good preventative. It's almost like the difference between going to the Dr. when you are already sick and living a healthy lifestyle so that you do not get sick. Besides that a rinse requires at least 2-4oz per passage delivered slowly (low pressure).

Best time to use
While you can do this at anytime, many recommend at least an hour before before leaving the house for any reason or at night. The reason is that you may drip out solution or flush out impurities for a bit after using the neti pot.

When not to use
While information is not given, the NeilMed info book states that this is not to be done when you have clogged ears or ear infections.

What can the Neti Pot help you with?

What do you suffer from most

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