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Colon Cleansing Products for Health

Updated on June 12, 2013

No doubt you have heard about the health restoring capabilities of colon cleansing. A very large amount of the body’s immune system is located in the intestines or nearby. This means that when the colon is blocked by toxins, parasites, or hardened fecal material, the immune system cannot carry out its proper function of keeping you healthy and free from disease. What’s more, a blocked or toxic colon cannot digest food properly or eliminate waste. This leads to weight gain and difficulty in losing weight. For these reasons and many others, colon cleansing is recommend by many doctors and natural health practitioners.

There are a number of products sold that help in the colon cleansing process. These colon cleansing products are based on various ingredients and have somewhat differing mechanisms of action. Below for your information is a guide to some of these products. Chose one of them and begin the colon cleansing regimen to witness the great difference it can make to your health and well being.

Colon Cleansing Products can help you get those abs the way you want them to look.
Colon Cleansing Products can help you get those abs the way you want them to look.

Colonix by DrNatura

The Colonix system put out by DrNatura is one of the most well known of the colon cleansing products currently on the market. This system of products is meant to cleanse the colon of toxins using over 40 separate herbal components. The main component of the Colonix system is a powerdered form of insoluble and soluble fibers that, when ingested, absorbs fluids from the intestines to help unblock the colon from toxic buildups.

The second element in the Colonix program are the Parnil capsules, which contain 18 herbs known to detoxify the and purify the liver and the colon. Finally, the third ingredient in this powerful yet gentle purification system is the KleriTea brand of herbal tea made by DrNatura. This tea works together with the Colonix fiber to get the process of colon cleansing started. The tea instigates bowel movements in the morning hours and keeps you regular throughout the day.

Puristat by Abbot Laboratories

Another well known and widely used colon cleansing product is the detoxification system called Purstat made by Abbot Laboratories. This colon cleansing system allows you to chose from there different programs depending on your needs, including an Advanced program, a Moderate program, and a Mild Program.

Each of these programs works on a four prong system, the first of which is liver and colon cleansing. Next, Pursitat contains a digestive enzyme component to help your intestine do the job of processing waste. Third is a probiotics component that purifies the digestive tract and rids it of harmful bacteria and parasites. Finally, Puristat supplies your body with a range of digestive nutrients. These nutrients enrich the intestinal system and give it the boost of essential vitamins and minerals it needs to function at a very high rate.

Perfect Cleanse by Garden of Life

Next, we have the Perfect Cleanse system of colon detoxification made by the people at Garden of Life. Like the other systems, Perfect Cleanse is made up of several products that work in synergy to free your body from toxic waste buildup. The three steps used in this colon cleansing product are purify, capture, and remove. This system of colon cleansing products has a shorter active period than some of the others in that it lasts 10 days rather than 30 or more. Perfect Cleanse is a gentle, nondisruptive program of colon detoxification that will not interrupt daily living.

Colpurin by Huntington Nutraceuticals

A last colon cleaning product that operates in two phases of colon detoxification is the Colpurin system as made by Huntington Nutraceuticals. The two phases in this program are the internal cleanse and the body purifier phases. The internal cleanse portion of the system works by way of a blend of various ingredients in capsule form. Once the colon has been flushed of toxins and extraneous fecal material, Colpurin moves you into the body purification stage. A unique ingredient in the product used at this stage is reishi mushroom extract. This type of mushroom has been used for millennia in the Eastern world for its potent body purification properties.

Whichever colon cleansing product you choose, colon detoxification is one of the most highly recommended programs by proponents of natural health and fitness. Your body can only work at its most optimum when it is free of build up of chemical and natural toxins. Colon cleansing products give your organs, your immune system, and your digestive tract the boost they need to keep you healthy and free of disease.


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