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An Exercise to Heal with Color Therapy

Updated on March 8, 2010

This is a different take on color therapy.

People have a remarkable ability to heal themselves if they are somehow able to believe without a doubt that they can.  This is where hypnosis comes in.  For whatever reason (scientists and psychologists still don't know), when someone reaches a deep state of relaxation, they can bypass their normal conscious belief systems and manifest nearly miraculous phenomena.

Those crazy stage shows are real.  There is a small percentage of the population that can very quickly achieve a very deep state of hypnosis.  During the show, the hypnotist can weed out the fakers and those who have developed second thoughts by suggesting something like, "It's getting very cold.  So VERY COLD..."  Those who are in a somnambulist state (the very deep state) will literally develop goosebumps.  There isn't a lot of people who can fake goosebumps (or sweating if told that it's very hot).

Using the guided meditation (i.e. hypnosis script) below, you can tune in to your body and use colors to heal, de-stress, or diminish symptoms of disease.

Here's an actual example of how color therapy was used with a client...

Color Therapy Example

A client came to me wanting to stop smoking.  I soon learned, however, that she was very stressed due to a recent break-up with her husband, her mother recently passing away, and that she was still trying to recuperate from a stoke.  Despite having gone to physical therapy for over a year, she had significant loss of feeling and movement in her left hand and left leg.

During the second session, she was able to achieve a deeper state of hypnosis.  So I simply had a "conversation" with the body.  I described in detail just what she had earlier told me the doctors said was the normal series of events for recuperation, and then I asked, following her first impressions, what color is the color for healing and recuperation. 

(Note: I've learned that these colors are not consistent.  They are specific to each client.  Even those who are familiar with color therapy have said things like, "Well, I was expecting blue to be my relaxation color because I know that blue gives out a peaceful and tranquil feeling, but it wasn't.")

I asked what her color was for; deep relaxation, internal communication between body parts, and muscle memory.  From there, she was guided to scan her body and let her body tell her exactly where she needed those colors.  She focused the applicable color on those parts, felt the warmth, cleansed, dissipated, and then breathed in healing throughout.

The next week she returned with dramatically increased mobility - improving in just one week more than she had experienced in the previous six months.

This is just one example.  It's fascinating what people can do with their own imagination.

Color Therapy Visualization

This is step 5 of my article, "5 Ways to Enhance Your Ability to Perceive the Life Force."

I like to use colors or maybe the energy that comes to mind when a certain color is brought into the awareness.  Whatever the issue, whatever the question, the sickness, the pain, whatever is on your mind, imagine that the first color that comes to mind is exactly what the subconscious has decided will help the most.  Don't think, don't judge, just let yourself think of a color, the first color that comes to mind.

Here's exactly what I suggest to clients during the hypnosis session:


"And now, as you take in another deep breath, hold it for a moment, and then just let everything go...

I'd like you to listen to your body in a way that feels most receptive for you.  And I'd like you to talk to that aspect of your mind, that is most interested in hearing, what your body has to say; that is most interested in helping you to get, what you want.

And I would like you to let yourself become aware, even as you continue attending to your breathing, of any awareness that you may feel.  For instance, if you have any awareness with respect to this issue, let yourself become aware of that.

Sometimes, curiously enough, such things somehow manifest themselves in specific areas of the body.  And so, in a moment I'd like you to take in a deep breath and mentally scan your body.  Taking all the time you need, going with the first things that come to mind, if your thoughts rest on a certain area of the body, just let your mind focus on that area...  And if there are no areas, then simply do the following for the entire body.  While focusing on that area, surround it with the warm energy of your color.  Then, with another deep breathe, slowly dissipate this into nothing. Imagine it breaking into tiny pieces and then disappearing completely... 

And now, go ahead and take in that deep breath and then scan your body for any awareness, going with the first things that come to mind.  And taking all the time you need, surround it with the light... and then dissipate it into nothing with another comfortable breath.

And if you think it may help, go ahead and scan your body for any other blocks or awarenesses you may feel.  Dissipate this into the light as well with another deep, comfortable breathe...

And once this is done, just enjoy for a moment the feeling of simply tuning in and connecting to your body, to your Life Force, to your spiritual and greater self."


There are many excellent articles here at Hub Pages pertaining to Color Therapy.  Knowing and surrounding yourself with (or focusing on) those colors specific to your challenge, can yield surprising benefits. 

Combine that with the above visualizations and you could very well derive remarkable results.

Relax, have fun, tune in, and experience... 


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    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 

      8 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      Color has been proven to heal. Nice hub.


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