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Colors Meditation for stress reduction

Updated on February 6, 2017

Color Meditation

The following meditation is designed to relax you. Read along until you know it well in your mind and soon you can find that it will become easier to do in any situation that affords you time to do this.

  1. First place your feel firmly on the ground if the environment permits and you are , comfortable , place your hands face up on your knees.
  2. Start taking slow deep breaths, at least four of these until you feel relaxed
  3. Imagine that your feet are like the roots of a tree. Feel your feet get heavier and warmer as they connect with their roots.
  4. Feel yourself becoming more and more relaxed as the warmth spreads through to your legs traveling up your body until this warmth reaches your head.
  5. When you are totally relaxed start to visualize a color
  6. Visualize that this color is seeping into every pore of your body and organs, comforting, calming and soothing you.
  7. Know that you are safe and warm in this wondrous color.
  8. Next imagine this color pushing out of your body and around you..Keeping you safe, keeping you calm.
  9. The color can be closely around you or far away. It can be any shape you choose, a circle a triangle, rectangle or square. this color can hover over you , or spin gently around your body.
  10. You have now created a safety bubble of a beautiful color.
  11. You can sit , stand or lie in this color.
  12. Knowing that you are safe, you can bounce off any and all negative energy that tries to enter your bubble.
  13. You can then be filled, and over filled with all the positive thoughts and feelings you can contain.
  14. Now that you know how to create your colorful, beautiful, soothing safety bubble, you know that you can call upon it anytime you need to.
  15. Take a few more deep breaths and when you are ready start to bring yourself back into the room, or the task at hand.

Tools For Relaxation

It is a wonderful thing to have Tools for Relaxation. When we are in an anxious state or situation, sometimes we are not able to think about what could help us at that time.

We feel overwhelmed. You will find that this short meditation will help and even if you only have time to do parts of it, you will notice a relaxing effect. You will notice that you feel you are going towards calming, and not an acceleration of anxiety.

Let me know how it worked for you and any ideas you may have.

Favorite Color

What is the most soothing Color to you

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    • jaydene profile image

      jaydene 4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Thank you for your comment, and yes purple, and lavender tones, connecting with the chakra energies as well :)

    • Denmarkguy profile image

      Peter Messerschmidt 4 years ago from Port Townsend

      Yes, colors definitely affect our moods... I have always found a deep purple to be particularly calming.

    • Kalmiya profile image

      Kalmiya 5 years ago from North America

      This is a very interesting idea. I think that colours, like other vibrations like music, really affect us. If you're 'blue', wear yellow or red to lift it, etc. Thanks for this interesting hub!

    • jaydene profile image

      jaydene 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Acaetnna, thank you for your comment, and stopping by, glad you liked this hub :)

    • acaetnna profile image

      acaetnna 5 years ago from Guildford

      Brilliant work. I love colour and varying colours evoke different moods. Great tips, thank you.

    • jaydene profile image

      jaydene 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Hi, Olde Cashmere, thank you for reading. great to see you again, I'm off to check your hubs:) you have such great information. Many thanks

    • profile image

      Olde Cashmere 5 years ago

      This is an interesting meditation technique jaydene. I chose green and am voting this up. Rated interesting and useful as well :)

    • jaydene profile image

      jaydene 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Thanks Faith, I really appreciate your feedback and sharing your choices :)

    • Faith Reaper profile image

      Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

      Very interesting. Yes, colors do invoke certain moods, etc. I love blues, but then the blue/green combinations are also lovely. Yet, I also love soft yellows here and there. It all just depends where and when I use different colors. I guess blue is actually the most soothing to me.

      In His Love, Faith Reaper