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Combatting PMDD symptoms by doing the things you love

Updated on March 20, 2017

Though it's pretty obvious that doing things we love would be beneficial for us, we so often push our hobbies and enjoyable activities to the side.

We use lack of time as an excuse. Or we're too tired. Maybe if it's a creative activity there's an element of fear, ie the blank canvas syndrome.

And while it's important for everyone to do things they enjoy (like really enjoy, a deep satisfaction felt within your soul) it's especially vital for us ladies who experience PMDD.


Following a passion keeps you connected with yourself

A symptom often experienced with PMDD is a sense of losing yourself. Losing control. Losing touch with reality. But if you feel a strong connection with yourself, these 'out of control' feelings can become manageable or may even disappear completely. And a beautiful way to stay connected with yourself is to follow a passion and do activities that keep your soul happy.

These activities could be almost anything. It's just gotta be the type of thing where time passes and you don't even realise. Or you forget to eat. Or someone calls but you're too enthralled to answer the phone. And then when you're finished, you feel so at peace and forget whatever troubles were floating around in your mind before you started.

This is you connecting with yourself. Self-reliance will pull you through those dark PMDD days. I don't mean that you ought to go through it alone, but it sure as heck helps to feel strongly rooted within yourself.

It's also a neat distraction!

As I mentioned above, when you're doing something you're passionate about, time passes without you realising it. Nagging thoughts become quiet. Weighty problems suddenly seem lighter.

I always say to friends how it's important to really feel your feelings and not squash them down. But sometimes we really need to turn off the spinning wheel of madness in our heads! There is nothing wrong with having a break from it. And doing something you truly enjoy is surely going to slow that wheel down.


It can be a good release for any pent up emotions

Whether your passion is creative or physical, it's the perfect opportunity to release emotions which haven't been given a chance to surface.

Countless artists throughout history have birthed masterpieces by tapping in to their feelings and expressing their pain or joy. Personally, there have been many times where the only way I could express myself was through a drawing. Once I saw it on paper, it's like I was able to understand the raw emotion more clearly.

Physical activity, a sweaty and gorgeous way to let off steam, has the added bonus of releasing endorphins which will in turn boost your mood. Then of course there's the increase in physical strength which will no doubt improve your feelings of confidence and self worth.

But what if I don't know what my passion is?

For me, my passion is using my creativity. It could be taking photos, painting, gardening, cooking, composing music......all of these passions leave me feeling refreshed and more connected to myself. My problems seem to evaporate. It's like I can breathe again.

If you have trouble thinking about what your passion is, think back to when you were a child. What kept you busy for hours? What made your heart smile?

Here are some ideas you could try out. There are also plenty of classes and groups you could attend if you wanted to learn more.

  • reading / writing
  • painting / drawing
  • photography
  • yoga
  • scrapbooking
  • knitting / crochet
  • exercising / weight lifting
  • martial arts
  • dancing
  • cooking / baking
  • gardening
  • singing
  • composing music
  • driving
  • playing team sports
  • acting / theatre performing
  • pottery / sculpting
  • home renovation / home decorating
  • wood work


Make it a priority

I know many of you are busy. Busy-ness seems to be a world wide condition of being alive.

And I also know how it is to be a woman, how we so often put the needs of others before our own. There is often a feeling of guilt associated with doing something for ourselves. This doesn't serve us and it doesn't serve those around us and so we need to let this guilt go.

Make time for yourself and for something you truly enjoy doing. Life is to be lived and loved. Not suffered through.


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