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Contact Lenses

Updated on October 22, 2011

Contact lenses- I don’t think there is any need to introduce any one with what this invention is? Few years back may be we would have needed an introduction into functions of contact lenses but now every other person you see is wearing contact lenses.

Some wear it for the reason of weak eye sight while numerous would be seen wearing them just cause they want to change color of their eyes.

History of Contact Lenses

 Now as everyone knows that what contact lenses are and why they are worn, let me share something different about lenses than a little technical. And also that how and when this product was actually invented and how it was improved over the time.

Strangely a very common name that everyone would have heard is the one who brought in this idea of lenses and the name would be much unexpected one for you. This man who brought the idea of contact lenses first in 1500 was Leonardo Da Vinci.

Astonished with the fact right? Well after this idea given from him there was a long long gap before this was done practically. In year 1823 a British astronomer found out that eyesight can be attuned by applying lenses directly to cornea.

After this in year 1939, William Fienbloom, was the one who actually produced first contact lenses ever that were made of insensitive plastic. And this was used to be glued into eyes on cornea with some glue.

Soft contact lenses were invented in 1971 and finally in 1983 removable contact lenses were invented and this brought the whole change into the world. These were actually made by some Danish producer who sold the rights of this to “Jhonson & Jhonson and since than there is a huge market for this product and hundreds of producers into this industry.

Uses of Contact Lenses

  • Contact lenses are being used in order to correct following eyesight troubles: myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism. Most importantly use of contact lenses can correct anisometropy, in which the angle of refraction of a person’s eyes is different. And this can not be corrected by wearing spectacles.
  • These are also used for healing purposes that is as an alternate to bandage.
  • For esthetic and beauty purposes. Like the use of colored lenses to beautify eyes or in order to get rid of glasses that may ruin an over all impact of personality.

Types Of Lenses

  • PMMA Lenses

    These are the lenses that are durable and are of low cost. This is the type of lenses that were very first to be produced. These lenses have a disadvantage that these do not let oxygen to reach cornea. The way oxygen reaches cornea while wearing these lenses is that it reaches through your tears when you blink eyes.
  • Gas-permeable lenses

    These are the lenses that let oxygen reach directly to cornea. These are made by mixing plastic and silicon.

  • Soft contact lenses

    These have water as main component and are flexible. They also let oxygen reach cornea too.

Accuve are the most popular type of disposable contact lenses as they provide flexibility to wear over night even some times. These are preferred for daily use. And this type of lenses that allow oxygen to reach cornea more than any other lenses.

Time-Categorical Break up

  • The first to lie in this categorical breakup are the long term lenses. These are than one that can be used for around one year, but you can not use these continuously.
  • Then the second category is of lenses that are short term lenses or you may call them disposable lenses too. These can be worn for a day and a night, after this they are needed to be discarded.

How To Choose Comfortable Contact Lenses

Soft lenses are easier to be carried as there is no fear for them to fall off your eye, while hard lenses sometimes may fall. Currently almost every person is changing his/her habit of wearing glasses into using contact lenses.

The reason behind this change is that these are even comfortable to carry. And the most important thing is the esthetical satisfaction that a person gets from using these. And you may wear these in each and every activity. Feel free and enjoy your life.


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