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How To Improve Vision

Updated on October 22, 2011

It is often seen that people concentrate on every part of body such as muscles, skin hands, legs, stomach, but they forget about eyes. Eyes no doubt are the most important part of our body. We need to care for that.

Eyes gives us sight to see things out there, hence it is very important to improve our vision. There are a lot of products that claims to be the perfect in improving your vision, but what would if you improve vision without paying a penny. 

There are many eye exercises which are proved to be the best for improvement of vision. Obviously while you do exercise by reading here you do not need to pay anything. What’s more good then getting assistance without paying money? So let’s talk about all those exercises which you can easily do in order to improve you vision. 

Some Precautions before Start Eyes Exercises

  • Do not wear spectacles at the time of exercising.
  • If you feel pressure on your eyeballs during exercise then leave it.
  • Sit in a comfortable posture.
  • Take deep breathes and relax.
  • Be alone at the time of exercising, switch of the TV, mobile phone or anything which can disturb you in between.

Rubbing hand Exercise

Now the first exercise which is surely easy is to just rub your both hands together when you feel they are warm put them on to your both eyes. Cover your right eye with right hand and left eye with left hand till it darkened.

Then open your eyes in the same position obviously you cannot see anything except darkness but don’t close your eyes and take deep breathes. Your eyes will be relaxed when you do it again and again, you can easily do this exercise anytime in a day. It is good when you do it 5 times without a gap. 

Compressing Eyes

Another one is also very simple, just compress both the eyes for about 5 or 6 seconds and then open them as broad as you can.

Just repeat this step 8 to 10 times in a day, now close eyes and by the help of your finger tips smoothly massage on eyes, and also on upper lowers parts of eyes.

You need to massage softly don’t push hard, and also do massage in circular motion. Do this whole procedure at least 5 times a day.

Rolling eyes

Start rolling you eye firstly in a clockwise direction and then anti clockwise. Do these step 3 to 4 times; also you should blink in every step.

Now, you need to sit somewhere you will have a window, all you need to do is mark on the window something, like paste a red tape on window.

Paste it as you can easily see the mark. Now sit in a position that you can directly see the mark and out of the window. Now make a vision out of the window for about 20 seconds and just after that try focusing on the mark of tape you pasted.

Do this same procedure again and again; these steps will improve the focus of your vision. You can also do this exercise in many diverse modified variations.

Use Pencil

Now you need to take out a pencil for this eye exercise.  Grip your pencil in front of you at arm's length. Little by little shift the pencil in the direction of your nose, by focusing your eyes on the pencil, just focus at your utmost level.  Do it again and again, this is an effortless eye exercise and you can do at any time. 

All those people who spend a lot of time by using computer, it is advisable for them to focus something else then computer for 20 seconds just every 30 minutes. This will helps those people to decrease the eyes strain and the harms they get by monitor rays.

For all these exercise the only thing you need is the willingness to do. Now it is up to you that how you take out time to do all these extremely simple exercises. But the key to better your vision is to do them regularly otherwise you will not get any fruitful results.


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