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Back Pain Alleviated by Shoe Correction

Updated on August 29, 2012

Walking Is Great When Pain Is Alleviated

I walk everyday.  And there is not one day I don't use my foot orthotics. Without them I could not pain manage averaging 5 mile walks per day.
I walk everyday. And there is not one day I don't use my foot orthotics. Without them I could not pain manage averaging 5 mile walks per day.

See the full foot & back pain alleviation insole story

Correct the Foot Posture and Alleviate Weight Bearing Pain

Poor posture at critical weight bearing areas of the body applied for years can create serious acute and chronic feet, knee, hip, back (spine), neck pain that requires correction to provide pain relief and healing. Pain can be alleviated through use of scientifically proven corrective orthotic insoles. Surgery to alleviate chronic pain should be the last resort!

The weight bearing dynamics connection between healthy posture starting at the feet are very important, because when the feet are anatomically flawed some other up-line structural pain problem will most likely ensue. For example, like a leaning tree, the bottom one third of the tree continues to experience stress on itself in order to grow upward competing in a dense forest for the suns rays. The tree has to absorb a lot of foot pound pressure at the trunk area if its lean is severe. Because the trees trunk posture is not balanced it is greatly susceptible to structural failure at this point. If the tree could speak, it would tell you it suffers chronic pain at the trunk and acute-to-chronic pain all the way through the mid branches.

Your feet out of anatomical posture require correction if in pain, or pain occurs further up the bodies structure "much like a tree in pain" where radiating pain becomes problematic for other key weight bearing areas as the body attempts to self correct alignment. Because the body is all interconnected by means of spine, neurological, muscular and skeletal structures, distal injuries away from a key pain center often occur from a primary postural pain site (this distal pain aggravation is referred to as “secondary, lateral, or radiating pain conditions”) as a direct result of primary non-corrected postural pain, e.g., foot (primary) to knee and back (secondary) pain problems are common. Correcting posture by using "scientifically corrective orthotic insoles" can significantly alleviate all postural pain including secondary, lateral or radial pain before acute pain becomes a chronic pain condition of the back, or neck.

"If you suffer from spinal back pain you need to know that the failure rate for these surgical procedures is very high. Before you take the radical and irreversible step of surgery, you are well advised to study other options for relieving your pain. Fewer than 5% of people with back pain are good candidates for surgery. If 95% of the candidates are not good prospects, what are your odds?" (According to a Johns Hopkins' 2002 white paper on low back pain).

Now you can see how scientifically proven posture correction using Orthotic insoles in the shoe to correct the feet are so important to the overall health of the entire postural frame of the body and keeping the body pain free.(if interested in scientifically proven insoles, visit the home or chronic pain tab and click on postural image link to learn more).

I've been using posture correction insoles now for two years. I've been able to alleviate most of the severe pain in my feet, hip, back and neck initially caused from a head on car accident in 1985. Although I still have low back spasms and tolerable back pain it is manageable. I no longer think about back surgery as I was once pressed to consider 2 years ago. The right foot insoles can make a huge difference in weight bearing pain.


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    • SpinePainJNC profile image

      John B. Adams, DO, FIPP 3 years ago from Jackson, MS

      While nothing is a panacea to low back pain, posture correction among other conservative options should usually be tried prior to surgical options. While there are certainly exceptions such as cauda equina syndrome, surgery should not be the first option. Posture correction, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and interventional pain management options can offer non-surgical options for many suffering with low back pain.

      John B. Adams, DO, FIPP

    • Die'Dre' profile image

      Die'Dre' 7 years ago from The Great Pacific Northwest

      I truly believe posture can be responsible for back pain. I know when I get sloppy with my posture at the computer, I experience pain, until I switch up. And I used to walk 3-4 miles 3-5 days a week, and now I'm lucky to get one mile without pain. I realize it is a combination of posture and weight. But I'll look into correcting my foot posture, so I can walk further so that I can lose more weight. Thanks.