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Create A Positivity Journal

Updated on March 3, 2015

Some people may find it therapeutic to write down their thoughts in a journal or diary. Sometimes these thoughts may be negative because a person may use a journal to vent their frustrations, anxieties, fears or whatever else is bothering them. It is fine to write down negative thoughts in a journal, if this is what would help someone vent and get their frustrations out on paper. It may even help with problem solving as well.

However, I find that for myself, writing down too much negativity only makes me think and dwell more on the negative. This not something that I want to do when I would like to think more positive. So, I decided to create a positivity journal. Here are a few ideas that you can use if you are interested in creating a positivity journal for yourself.

Inspirational Quotes

In your positivity journal, you may want to write down some positive, inspirational quotes. You could also find quotes in magazines or online, cut them out, and paste them into your journal. You can go back and read the quotes in your positivity journal whenever you are looking for some inspiration.


You can count your blessings on paper in your positivity journal. Write about the people and things that you are thankful to have in your life. Make a list of things that make you feel blessed, even if it is something as simple as being thankful for your ability to read and write. You may find that you have a lot of things to be grateful for, even the smallest things that you may not have even noticed in your daily routine.


You may want to add pictures of beautiful scenes, such as a beautiful sunset overlooking the ocean. You could cut out pictures from magazines, books, or the internet and paste them into your journal. Also, you may want to cut out specific words from magazines that promote feelings of positivity, such as "happiness", "peace", "inspiration", and "joy" and paste them into your journal.

Good Memories

You may want to have other people help you with this idea. You could ask the people in your life to write in your journal about a good memory that they have shared with you. Then you can look back in your journal and have a good laugh or reminisce on happy times that you have shared with others. You might also want to write down some of your own good memories in the journal as well.


Other things that you can add to a positivity journal are the things that you wish to attain in life. Do you have any specific goals that you would like to achieve? Are you looking to buy a new house? Would you like to take courses for a new career? You may find it inspiring and motivating to write about the things that you want in life that could potentially bring you pleasure or success. You may also want to cut out pictures of your goals, such as a new house that you are interested in or a new car. Then paste those pictures into your journal and look back on those pictures to help you stay focused on your goals.

Acts Of Kindness

Did you do an act of kindness today? Did someone else show you an act of kindness? You could jot down this act of kindness in your journal and then write about how it made you feel. Doing nice things for others and having nice things done for us can make us feel more positive.

A positivity journal can help you to focus on being more positive, especially when you are feeling down. You can look back on your journal and keep adding more positivity to it whenever you feel inspired to do so. This journal can be a keepsake that you give to yourself to remind yourself of life's blessings and to keep your positive vibes flowing.


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