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Create An Eco Friendly Home

Updated on April 15, 2011

Eco Friendly Living Today

What Are The Benefits Of Living In An Eco Friendly Home


Have You Ever Wondered Where All Your Allergies Come From?

Or How To Improve Your Immune System?

Or About The Effects of Electromagnetic Waves That Bombard You Daily?

It could be coming from inside your home. Indoor air quality almost always is more toxic than outdoor air quality.

Solution The Problem? Create an eco friendly living environment inside your home.

It's easier than you think. ..

Think of a Greenhouse...

a Protected Controlled Environment In Harmony With Nature Suited To Promote Optimal Health.

  • A place where the body can clean its filters (your lungs, cells, liver, colon), rest, repair (sleep), and relax (release stress) and prepare for another day of stress, smog, conflict and competition.

We Have Limited Control Over Our Outside Environment

...But we can control our inside environment. Eco Friendly Water. Ionized Clean Air. Nutritious Natural Whole Food Supplements. Exercise. Restful Sleep.

No matter where we live, or how much pollution we live around, we can clean our indoor environment and provide a wholesome, relaxful, peaceful environment to come home to every night. Free from electromagnetic overload.

Then we can clean our body filters, ie.lungs, skin, colon, liver, and be ready to face another day out in the cold hard world of environmental pollution.

Restful sleep is where the body does its repairs. If your sleep is not good, your health will not be good.

Creating an eco friendly environment is very easy. It is living out of harmony that is hard.

Living in today's toxic environment can cause a weakened immune system, illness and/or disease.


How To Create A Eco Friendly ‘Greenhouse'

Simply implement some eco friendly plug and play things into your home and forget about it.

  • Next, add some biomagnet insoles to your feet, to counteract all the conflicting electromagnetic waves of our techncial society that bombard us daily
  • Good music to add 'good vibs'
  • Some self awareness books for improving personal relationships
  • And do something nice for somebody else.

Then, all you have to do is live, love, breath, eat, drink (water), walk around, sleep, and read---things you are doing already---and WALLA, every time you come home, you'll walk into a Greenhouse For Humans! A healthy environment that will helps boost the immune system, fight allergies, promote quality sleep and overall natural healing.

It really is that simple.

**Be sure to check out the news articles after leaving your thoughts in the Comments.

Living Green Doesn't Have To Be Expensive
Eco Friendly Hotels

Living Green Is Just That Easy

Creating An Eco Friendly Home Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

In the news article Small Changes, Big Impact from Home and Garden (listed below in Eco Friendly Living), their designers show how to work with what you've got so creating an eco friendly home can be comfortable and affordable.

“Everyone always thinks that to design or remake a room, they need to go out and purchase all new furniture and fixtures,” says designer Glen Peloso. “Sometimes it’s as simple as having a second look at what you already have and just re-arranging it to better suit your needs.”

Kelsy Wise, an holistic health educator, says:

"It's just getting people back to basics — kind of like what our grandparents and great-grandparents did to clean their home," said Wise, who recently started her own eco-friendly home cleaning company. "It doesn't have to be a drastic change. There are little things you do that can add up over time. Take small steps to taking care of yourself."

Wise also offers, "In addition to keeping your home healthy, leave your worries of the day outside."

There are simple steps that pay huge dividends. Creating an eco friendly home is easy, affordable and worth it. But for some reason, seems to be a something most don't even consider.

For the health of yourself, your family and your loved ones, I hope you will now consider it.


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