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Best Daily Affirmations

Updated on February 29, 2020

Ways to feel beautiful inside, by Gamergirl

An affirmation is, quite literally, to agree that something is true.  Applying this to self-motivation, the following affirmations are intended to help you, me, and the world realize our own inner beauty, potential and awesomesauceness.  (Fake word a tribute to The Hup.)

How to make these work best for you:

You will find three types of daily affirmations within this hub-

  1. Morning affirmations are best performed at the beginning of your day, no matter what time that may be.  Once you've rolled out of bed, set aside five minutes of complete YOU time.
  2. As you go affirmations are for those little moments during the day when you may feel yourself dragging, when you're starting to feel annoyed, or when you're ready to give the entire world the New York salute.
  3. Evening affirmations wrap up your day, completing a circle of positivity and reinforcing your connection with the best parts of yourself.


Meditation goes hand in hand with affirmations like the ones you'll see here.
Meditation goes hand in hand with affirmations like the ones you'll see here.

Morning Affirmations

  • I hold the key to success with every passing moment.
  • I control my sphere of influence, and am capable of handling anything that comes my way.
  • I am a vibrant, vital human being with many merits.
  • I am loved, and can share this love with the world. 
  • I have worth and value to the world.
  • Today will be amazing because I am amazing.
  • I am protected and safe from yesterday, and today will be better.
  • People will react favorably to me.
  • My day is going to be full of new opportunities.
  • Today might be the best day of my life. 

Afternoon Affirmations

  • I enjoy my daily routine.
  • I attract the things I desire most.
  • I draw loving and caring people into my life.
  • I am the catalyst for positive changes to the world.
  • I have friends who are incredible companions.
  • My goals are in sight and closer to being achieved.
  • I love myself and am proud of my achievements in life.
  • I have the boundless energy to overcome any obstacle I face.
  • I am in control of my health, happiness and homestead.
  • Today is great, and tomorrow will be better than today.

Cute Baby Gives Her Affirmations

Evening Affirmations

Remember, these affirmations are only examples.  A good affirmation is targetted, directed and specific for you, your goals, and a positive outlook.  You want to breed positivity in every form of the concept, and part of this positivity comes from allowing yourself the creativity required to apply affirmations directly to the mental/emotional wound (so to speak.)

So, in the evening, give yourself affirmations, or positive reinforcement statements, that bolster your confidence truthfully, that focus you on always looking ahead at the brightest possible goal and remember, work toward that goal in action and word!

Here are my three personal affirmations for the evening:

  • I accomplish great things every day, tomorrow will be brighter than yesterday.
  • I get plenty of rest, giving me the strength to give my best effort to the day ahead.
  • I am a beacon of light and love, shining on every person I interact with. 

Do affirmations work for you?

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