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Dead Woman Comes Back To Life to Give Us a Message About Health

Updated on August 4, 2017
Chuck Bluestein profile image

At age 16 I was a volunteer at a hospital bacteriology lab. I became a chemist for U.S. government. Then I studied health & related fields.

Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani with dog.
Anita Moorjani with dog. | Source
Anita Moorjani with husband in 1995.
Anita Moorjani with husband in 1995. | Source
Anita Moorjani.
Anita Moorjani. | Source

Anita Moorjani Dies and Comes Back

Anita Moorjani dies of cancer of the lymphatic system after having it for 4 years (end stage cancer [Hodgkin’s Lymphoma]). But she comes back to life. This is called an NDE (near death experience). But also the cancer quickly disappears completely.

While she was dead, she came in contact with an energy that helped her to know some things that she did not know before. If you click on my name you will see that I have many articles about health on this website and even some about cancer.

They all approach it from a physical view with many practical things that you can do or change to improve yourself. So it is different for me to write an article like this. Although I know that 2 people may know the same thing about improving health and one follows it and the other does not.

So this addresses a deeper level of why people choose things that are not healthy for them. I have a book called Anticancer: A New way of Life. It is by David Servan-Schreiber M.D., Ph.D. This doctor got cancer and had other doctors cure it. Then it came back.

This time he decides to learn everything about lifestyle and cancer and apply it to his life. So the cancer is cured again but he waits 15 years after this before writing this book to make sure the cancer is gone for good.

He made many lifestyle changes including eating a diet without animal foods (a plant-based diet). The jacket of the book says:

Why the effects of helplessness and unhealed wounds affect our ability to restore health.

How to reap the benefits of exercise, yoga and meditation.

One chapter is called The Anticancer Mind. He talks about a type C personality that is more prone to get cancer. He says:

Those exhibiting this type C personality are often people who, rightly or wrongly, never felt full welcome in their childhood. Their parents may have been violent or irascible, or simply cold, distant and demanding.

At the beginning of the chapter he says:

Studies show that a large proportion of women diagnosed with breast cancer are convinced that their disease results from a major life stress, such as an abortion, a child's illness, or the loss of a job [that] they cared a great deal about. Physicians, too, have long associated psychological stresses with cancer.

This is a scientific introduction from a medical doctor and scientist to a subject that is a lot less scientific.

Anita Moorjani's Cancer is Cured While She is Dead

This goes into a little more detail about her story. For the full version of the story, go to her website that has the link to it under the first picture. Anita Moorjani had cancer of the lymphatic system for 4 years. On February 2, 2006 she was in the end stage cancer (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma).

Moorjani went into a coma and was taken to the hospital. They said that her organs were shutting down and she would be dead in 36 hours. She died but came back to life. This is called a near death experience (NDE). Even though she was in a coma she heard everything that they were saying. She confirmed this with them when she came back. She even heard what was being said 40 feet away down the hallway.

Before going on I will give a quick description of what the lymphatic system does. Most people know that the heart pumps blood to the lungs and then it pumps the oxygenated blood to the cells in the body. But there is no more pressure to pump this fluid back to the heart. A part of this fluid is blood in the veins and the veins pump it back with one way valves and contracting of the veins. Plus it is helped by pressure from breathing and movement.

But some of the liquid in the blood leaves the cells as lymph fluid. Lymph is essentially recycled blood plasma. Lymphatic organs play an important part in the immune system, having a considerable overlap with the lymphoid system. This fluid joins the blood in the vein right before entering the heart.

What Anita Moorjani learned While She Was Dead

Now while Anita Moorjani is dead she feels an energy that is communicating with her and teaching her things that she did not know. She crossed over into another dimension where she was engulfed by love. Here are some things that she said about this from her website that is down now.

I also experienced extreme clarity of why I had the cancer, why I had come into this life in the first place, what role everyone in my family played in my life in the grand scheme of things, and generally how life works. The clarity and understanding I obtained in this state is almost indescribable.

I then started to understand how illnesses start on an energetic level before they become physical.

She then went on to explain that when diseases are treated and cured, it is on a physical level but since they are not cured on an energetic level, they come back. So in the above story about Dr. David Servan-Scheiber, he needed to do all that research before it was cleared out on an energetic level. Maybe this energetic level has something do with karma.

On the ABOUT page of her website, it says:

Anita subsequently chose to return to life when she understood that “heaven” is a state, and not a place.

She knew that she had a choice to continue being dead or to come back to life. Her cancer was no longer there on an energetic level so if she chose to come back to life, the cancer in her body would cure quickly. She chose to come back and within 5 days the tumors were reduced by 70%. In 5 weeks there no signs of cancer at all.

In the book, Dying To Be Me, Moorjani says:

Only when we love our ego unconditionally are we able to accept everyone else's. This is when it stops being an issue, and your humility and magnificence really shine through.

Anita Moorjani was born in Singapore, but grew up in Hong Kong where she was learning English, Chinese (Cantonese) and Sindhi that is one of the languages spoken by people from India. Note that the most popular language in India is Hindi. This is why she can speak and write in English so well. She has Indian ancestors.

She wrote a 2012 book about this called Dying to Be Me. This book was on the New York Times bestseller list 2 weeks after it was published. The foreward in the book is by Dr. Wayne Dyer. He has a D.Ed. (doctor of education) in counseling. See video below of him interviewing her. She is on the 2013 list of Watkins 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People. I learned about her after seeing her on this list.

She was brought up in a conventional Indian lifestyle where she is not supposed to have many choices. She said that she thought that the cancer was killing her. She learned that the cancer was helping her and she was killing herself.

Actually this is part of the beliefs of natural healing. Unlike in modern medicine, the body is smart and is always trying to heal itself. But the person hurts the body by smoking, eating foods that are terrible for health (like donuts), not getting enough sleep, lack of exercise and lack of sunlight (source of vitamin D) and more.

Here are 5 lessons that she learned from this experience.

1. Love Yourself

She said that a big part of why she got cancer is because she did not love herself enough.

2. Live Life Fearlessly

This is easy to say but extremely difficult to do.

3. Have Humor in Your Life

There are stories of people dying of cancer and they watched comedies to help them to get better.

4. Life is a Gift

This is another thing that she learned from this.

5. Be Yourself

Many are brought up to be what their parents want them to be.

The above things are nice ideals to strive for but there is no practical advice on how to do them. How can you be yourself if you do not know who you are. What can you do so you can love yourself and be fearless? So here is my practical advice. I have been doing yoga since age 12 and that can help with the above.

But the most powerful way to help with the above that I know of is to listen to talks given by Prem Rawat. He is also on the list above of the 100 most spiritually influential living people. I suggest you try it and if it does not help then stop doing it and try something else. Here is a video where he says:

You are more complete than you will ever know. You have within you the greatest treasure.

He has videos on Youtube and here is a video library of his most recent talks that you can listen to for free. Even though they are free, you have to pay attention. The third video below is over an hour but it goes into the greatest detail of all 3 videos.

I noticed that below this article there are articles about rebounding and skin brushing. They are chosen by software. The reason that the software chose these articles is because they both help to clean the lymphatic system.

Dying to be me! Anita Moorjani at TEDxBayArea

Wayne Dyer meets Anita Moorjani and speaks about her near death experience

Anita Moorjani - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview


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    • vaneet2310 profile image

      Vaneet Mengi 

      3 years ago from Delhi

      Very good hub. It's amazing that how she came back from nearly a death experience.

    • torrilynn profile image


      5 years ago

      Nice hub indeed. Interesting to learn of how she quickly recovered from cancer. up and useful

    • MG Singh profile image

      MG Singh 

      5 years ago from Singapore

      Very interesting hub. Probably it was faith healing


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