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What is the Define Bottle?

Updated on January 23, 2017

The Handy Define Flip Top Infuser Bottle

The 7 ounce Define bottle is perfect for the kids lunch box or for use in the car
The 7 ounce Define bottle is perfect for the kids lunch box or for use in the car | Source

What Were You Doing at 13?

I vividly remember what I was doing at the age of 13, I was valiantly struggling with the concept of girls and realising that my chosen path as a carpenter just wasn't what I wanted to do with my life. By the time I was 15 I had discovered girls and left the concept of education to work itself out whilst I continued my pursuit of how to convince a girl to kiss me. It wasn't a profound or particularly successful venture.

So what does my adolescent failings have to do with the Define water bottle?

Read on and find out.

One Very Motivated Young Man

Carter Kostler and his Define Fruit Infuser water bottle.
Carter Kostler and his Define Fruit Infuser water bottle. | Source

Carter Kostler

Carter Kostler was the antithesis of me as a 13 year old boy. When he found out that America was facing an obesity and diabetic crisis he didn't just shrug his shoulders like most teenagers, he sat down and tried to identify just what was causing these debilitating health problems.

It wasn't long before he found one of the seemingly obvious answers, America's unhealthy addiction to sweet, sugary soda drinks. This prompted Carter to seek out an alternative that was not only healthy, but was also convenient and satisfying to America's sweet tooth.

The obvious answer was water as it is freely available and what could be more convenient than the faucet in your home? Yet if this was the answer then there wouldn't be a problem in the first place. However, the answer was close. So close that his mum had recently begun making fruit infused water.

Now all Carter had to do was find a way to make it convenient to enjoy the flavoursome and healthy benefits of fruit infused water.

Sports Twist Top Define Fruit Infusion Bottle

Define Bottle Twist Top, 16 Ounce, White
Define Bottle Twist Top, 16 Ounce, White

The perfect healthy alternative to soda drinks or just plain boring water after a vigorous workout. Comes complete with a handy wrist strap and the ability to make both fruit and tea infusions.


Carter Talking About His Define Bottle


Using his mothers infused water recipes as inspiration, Carter set up a website devoted to new recipes, however it soon became very clear that a large pitcher wasn't a practical way to get people to consume infused water whilst on the go.

Enter the kitchen table, some napkins and a flash of inspiration. As Edison was want to say, "Invention is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration", so after many a failed attempt, Carter came up with his now unique Define Bottle design.

It was everything he wanted. The fruit was separated from the mouthpiece by a strainer, the bottle was stylish and the design meant that it was easy to use and easy to clean. Now all he had to do was get it manufactured and find a market for it.

Perfect for the Kids Lunchbox

A Personal Shout-Out from Bill Clinton

Everyone Needs a Little Good Luck

Every budding entrepreneur needs a little bit of luck and Carters came when he received a call from The Health Matters Conference who were looking for a healthier alternative to both soda's and coffee as a drink for the attending delegates. With a donation of 550 Define Bottles and a separate $1000 donation to the Clinton's The Alliance For A Healthier Generation, which is targeted at preventing childhood obesity, Define Bottle as a brand was now on the world stage.

Appearances on the popular Shark Tank television programme (where he declined a $100,000 offer for 40% of the company) and becoming a finalist in the End Childhood Obesity Innovation Challenge further promoted the product.

All this combined with a personal shout-out from Bill Clinton meant that both Carter and his Define Water Bottle were well on their way to financial success as well as changing the unhealthy drinking habits of a generation.

Words Straight From the Inventor

Happier, Healthier Children!

Healthy habits should start at an early age.
Healthy habits should start at an early age. | Source

Why You Should Get a Define Bottle

Fruit infused water is one of the easiest ways to get your family to give up their unhealthy addiction to store bought, sugary sodas. Getting your kids onto fruit infused water at an early age could be the first step in them adopting a lifelong, healthy habit.

Habits that are formed early are usually the ones that stay with us for the rest of our lives, so a Define Bottle in your child's lunch box and a fruit infusing pitcher in the fridge could be one of your best investments in your child's health.

But fruit infused water isn't only for kids. I, as a now grown man, loved soda drinks and sweet cordials, though it was becoming clear that my waistline wasn't as enthusiastic as my mouth, so the first step I took was changing to artificial sweeteners. This seemed like a sound idea until I started to read about the nasty side effects found in animals given artificial sweeteners as well as the bodies reaction when it is tricked into thinking it is being given sugar.

Artificial sweeteners it seems are part of the problem, not the solution. So using my trusted friend, the internet, I looked for healthier alternatives, and that's where I found the simple idea of fruit infused water.

It was my eureka moment and I can now happily say that I no longer have sugary sodas or artificially sweetened cordials in my house!

Get your family on to fruit infused water and just see the difference it makes in them as they cut out all those unhealthy additives and high dose sugar rushes.

A Pitcher for Your Home

What's your Favourite Infused Water Recipe?

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    • Relationshipc profile image

      Kari 3 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      I was looking at one of the bottles the other day. There is a fast food chain around here (a healthy version with soups and wraps) that serves infused water, and I always enjoy it. I can see how a fruit infused drink would become addicting.

    • pocono foothills profile image

      John Fisher 3 years ago from Easton, Pennsylvania

      Works with vodka too!

    • DealForALiving profile image

      Sam Deal 3 years ago from Earth

      Oh, this is just like the infused water you can get at some hotels. Very nice!

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 3 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      The 'Define Bottle' is a great idea. I may just decide to try it. Sounds like a good alternative to just plain water. Enjoyed this and voted up and sharing. Big thank you!