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Depression The Mental Struggle

Updated on November 21, 2015

The Mental Struggles of Getting Through Another Day

People with Depression may not know they have depression

There are more than 21 million people who are diagnosed with some form of depression, depression. And millions who are not aware that they have depression, and it can leave you feeling helpless, hopeless, and alone. It's the feeling of sadness mood swings struggles, and disappointments and setbacks.

We use these words to explain these feelings, and depression is much more than that of sadness. It can also be described as impending doom, suicidal thoughts, hopelessness, defeat, and irritability.

It affects men differently than it does for women, and sometimes women don’t feel sad but they might feel apathetic, lifeless, and nothingness, and feeling empty. Where as the man with depression he may feel angry, restless, or aggressive.

The symptoms of depression is not the normal sadness that we may feel from time to time, it’s the sadness that overpowers the mind from day to day and interfering with your ability to do what the normal is to do, often time they are unable to work, eat or to interact with there children, unable to pay attention or concentrate.

Things that were once easy to do, its now difficult to do, with a lot negative thoughts that control you. And the loss of appetite, you are not eating like you use to. Your short-tempered, irritable, and aggressive, drinking more alcohol, or thinking your life is not worth living, this is a serious problem for many facing depression and feeling alone.

Talk to a Doctor about what your going through


The Signs and Symptoms of Depression

Feelings of Worthlessness

Signs and Symptoms of depression can differ from person to person and from women to men these symptoms can be a part of life’s normal lows, and during episodes of depression and the feeling of worthlessness can play a part of one's life, often they are thinking that they’re not good at anything, and not important to anyone, even if you are showing them love they may not accept that you really love them or care about what they do, or they can find it difficult to believe or accept any compliment you may give, low self-esteem can intensifies their mood causing negative outlook on the world.

Loss of Energy

Over 90% of people are diagnosed with being depressed, and many who have not been diagnosed, are experiencing an overwhelming loss of energy and a drive to do anything that was once important to them, or depression may cause them to avoid social interaction with others or limiting themselves when hanging out, or getting in a shell and isolating themselves, often times they are unable to start or finish a normal task that they may normally use to do or enjoy, or hanging out with there friends and family and easily aggravated, not wanting to get out of bed because they don’t want to face another sad lonely day.

Listen to this video it will bring some light on what you are going through

It's A Struggle

Weight Loss and or Weight Gain

When you have depression you might lack the energy to accomplish basic task, such as eating, brushing your teeth or taking a shower, it sometimes affect your appetite which causes erratic eating habits and missed meals which causes weight loss or weight gain. Nutritional deficiency and mental and physical sluggishness causes women to have a higher rate suffering from eating disorders,such as anorexia, bulimia, and binging.

Suicidal Ideation

Depression can be fatal, recurrent thoughts of death and suicide, plague over 65% of depressed people and 20% of depressed people commit suicide. More women will attempt suicide than men. But men are twice as often to succeed in suicide.



Other Symptoms of Depression

  • Memory loss
  • Generalized negative views
  • Withdrawal (i.e. from family, friends, work, school)
  • Quitting activities previously they enjoyed ( hobbies)
  • Lack of facial expression
  • Repeat loss of concentration, with trancelike starring
  • Unable to cry
  • Disregard for appearance and personal hygiene

Alcoholism and or Drug use dependency

Treatment for depression

There are treatment options for the intermittent, and chronic depression. Depression is now treated successfully than ever before. Treatment involve a combination of therapy.

  • Antidepressant medicines
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Psychotherapy
  • Electro-convulsive therapy, or shock treatment

Treatment is evolving all the time, including behavioral, familial, and interpersonal therapy. Treatments vary but they are aimed to get the patient to function in society.

Cognitive Behavior

Cognitive behavior therapy treatment is to help the patient change their state of mind, teaching them to look at life in a more positive perspective, once they learn to identify stressful and anxiety situations they can use effective strategies that will help them to manage their depression. Cognitive Behavior Therapy help the patient to gain a new insight and improve their mood and feel better.

Medicines can help, take your medicine as prescribed by your doctors


Psychotherapy treats depression as a cognitive behavioral dysfunction, to change the self-perception and the behavior of the patient, therapist lean on suggestive hypnosis treatment, and re-educate self-esteem to help the patient construct coping strategies and to understand the sadness, disappointment, grief, pleasures, and achievements that they are experiencing using antidepressant medicine combined with Psychotherapy.

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Many patients who have received the electroconvulsive therapy treatment suffered from short-term,or sometimes permanent memory loss. This therapy is used for patients who has been diagnosed with chronic depression, or those who suffer from severe depression are in danger of harming themselves and/or others, or for those who have not been successful with anti-depressant medications. Electroconvulsive increases serotonin, and dopamine levels in the brain which improves, and elevates mood. This therapy can work almost immediately, even with loss of appetite and insomnia also improves.

Natural Depression Remedies

Here are 8 natural, and herbal remedies that are used for depression

1.) St. John’s Wort has been used in old folk medicine for sadness, worry, nervousness, and poor sleep. Over 20 clinical trials suggest that when given a placebo, it was not as effective as St. John’s Wort and St. John’s Wort was just as effective as anti-depressants for mild to moderate depression and had fewer side effects. But may not be effective for major depression. It May take up to 4 to more weeks to feel the full effective of St. John Wort, just continue to use, and always read the directions carefully and take only the daily allowance for the day.

2.) Omega-3 fatty acids is a good fat needed for brain function, normally our bodies does not produce omega-3, so we have to get it through our diet. Depression has been linked with low dietary intake of omega-3 fatty acids, when studies were taken it determined that Omega-3 fatty acids when taken with antidepressants were more effective together than taken alone. The richest food source of omega-3 fatty acids is fish, sardines, and anchovies, but you have to eat a lot of these foods to get the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, but you will benefit from fish oil capsules, and cod liver oil supplements it contains omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids can be sold in health food stores or online.

3.) Sam-e is a chemical naturally found in the human body, and it increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine, and is more effective than placebo according to several studies. Sam-e is available at health food stores, drug stores, and online. It’s still popular for depression.

4.)Folic Acid is often deficient in people who are depressed and because of poor diet, this B vitamin is found in leafy vegetables and fruit and also found in beans and fortified grains, medications like birth control pills and aspirin can lead to deficiency. So taking this supplement can improve the effectiveness of antidepressants medicine.

5.) 5-HTP Also found in body naturally making neurotransmitter serotonin, although it may boost the serotonin it’s not a lot of evidence of its safety. It should not be combined the antidepressants.

6.) Diet It is important to reduce intake of sugar, as it raises the level of sugar levels that it may affect your mood as the sugar levels fall. Avoid things with caffeine and alcohol because it affects the mood, alcohol relaxes you, and caffeine boost energy making your symptoms worse. Again vitamin B6 produces the mood enhancing serotonin and dopamine. And Magnesium is found in legumes, nuts, whole grains and green vegetables. Because stress depletes magnesium.

7.) Exercise is an effective way to improve mood and can fit easy in your treatment plan, exercise releases chemicals in the brain and can decrease stress. Find an exercise that you love doing because you will more than likely stick with it, 30 minutes a day five days a week is beneficial for good health.

8.) Sunlight Get yourself some sun by going outdoors, it can change your mood, and helps the body cycle work properly, and especially during the summer months protect your skin from ultraviolet rays by wearing sunscreen.

And whatever you do when faced with Depression, or any other diseases always be the leader of your health, and find other ways to implement to your health by adding the vitamin and minerals that are deficient in you.

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