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Updated on March 28, 2019
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Diabetes (Chronic disease)


Undoubtedly, diabetes mellitus is a severe chronic disease. This illness occurs because pancreas does not function properly in the human body. Pancreas produces insulin which helps to control a human blood sugar level. A victim of this disease has to change his whole life style for spending a healthy life. In order to combat this disease, patients have to follow several precautions as advised by the doctor. Every patient has to take a restricted diet to control the blood sugar level. There are two types of diabetes, one is type-I diabetes while the other one is type-II. Their classification is based upon the improper working of pancreas. Furthermore, one must be aware about the normal sugar levels to better control this disease. Normal sugar levels would be distinct from each other under fasting and random condition. Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia are the low as well as higher blood sugar levels respectively. The identification of this severe disease can be done by the help of a urine as well as blood test. There are various symptoms of this sickness through which one can identify this. Additionally, causes of this disease are also very important to know because in that way one can take himself away from this. It’s a very dangerous illness because it spoils the human body gradually with the passage of time. Without any reason, its certainly true that it damages other organs of the body due to which other diseases are also developed. Suitable medicine, proper precautions and exercise is better way to control this disease.

Types of diabetes

Generally speaking, in our body blood glucose is a greatest source of energy. It can be taken from the healthy food as well as from our lever. Sugar stores into the blood and an intake of insulin control this. Our liver reserve this food intake and produces glucose when our blood sugar levels are lower or one have not eaten enough. In type-1 diabetes the functioning of a pancreas is such that it produces fewer or no insulin. It means that if our blood will not get appropriate insulin then it would be difficult for it to control our blood glucose levels. Likewise, type-II diabetes is that in which pancreas is not producing enough insulin which could be sufficient for controlling blood sugar. Under this condition, sugar can be controlled by taking sugar free diet along with adequate physical exercises. The normal glucose level for a normal healthy person during fasting is 60-110 mmol/L while 80-180 mmol/L is is the random value. The sugar levels which are below and above these set of values are considered as the hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia respectively. Some of the symptoms for hypoglycemia are severe headache pain, dizziness, and anxiety while for hyperglycemia are headache, increased thirst and abrupt weight loss etc.

Symptoms of diabetes

It is very important for everyone to known the symptoms of this dangerous decease. A person who feels a lot of hunger, thirst, excessive weight loss, inactiveness and surplus urination then that person would be diagnosed with diabetes. Along with these symptoms, people feel nausea, fatigue as well as blurred vision of eyesight. This disease really disturbs the immune system of the human body in a very effective manner. The healing of any infection takes longer time as compared to the normal person. Sometimes, to number of diabetic patients, all symptoms does not become visible initially but with the passage of time it becomes clearer.

Causes of Diabetes

Certainly, diabetes is a very dangerous disease and caused by many factors which can be explained briefly. One of the most significant cause of diabetes is the irregular eating habits. People do not avoid to eat food at odd times, so, pancreas has to produce excessive insulin for controlling blood sugar. Other factors are also important like, lack of physical activity, excessive intake of sweet foods, oily foods, bakery items and excess of tension etc. All these factors are really bad for healthy life and it give rise to diabetes. Uptill now, no medicine has been discovered which can be used for its complete cure except the insulin spike. A pancreas transplantation can be significant for the complete treatment of diabetes but its success ratio is nearly one percent.

Effects of Diabetes

Likewise, diabetes has badly effected the human beings in a variety of ways. For instance, heart disease, improper working of lungs, weak eyesight, teeth lose, women impotence, men’s erectile dysfunction and blood pressure etc. A diabetic patient is at a high risk to become a heart patient because if his sugar levels would not controlled then heart will have to do more work for blood pumping. On the other hand, excess of urination not only increases the working of lungs but also creates an erectile dysfunction in the male applicants. Moreover, in women, diabetes produces inability regarding sexual desires or it might be possible that she observes pain during sexual intercourse.

Treatment of Diabetes

It is undoubtedly true that diabetes needs a proper medication for its treatment. Its medicine intake is based upon its type that is, either it is type-1 or type-II. For type-I diabetes, insulin is used for approximately all over the world because in that way pancreas does not produces insulin to control blood glucose level. In the same fashion, in type-II diabetes, a tablet is given to the patient which not only reduces production of glucose inside liver but also make your body more sensitive for insulin.

Diabetes statistics around the World

According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, this disease has become a worldwide problem. In the year of 2014, it was a sharp increase from 108 millions to 422 million while as global prevalence report tell us that it had a sharp increase from 4.7% to 8.5% in adults which are older than eighteen years. Furthermore, according to the national diabetes statistics report 2017 approximately 30.3 millions people have diabetes while 23.1 million people are diagnosed with diabetes and 7.2 million people are free from this chronic disease. On the other hand, there are also 23.8% people do not know that they have diabetes. Diabetes has been increase upto large scale in the low as well as high earning countries.


Last but not the least, life with diabetes is just a way of spending a restricted life. If a patient adopts a healthy life style then he would be able to overcome this and can lead a balanced life. In fact, a controlled diabetes need those foods which contains low sugar as well as low cholesterol. Moreover, suitable precautions, a healthy physical activity and good medication from a doctor not only helpful for overcoming random blood sugar levels but also save someone from other diseases which are associated with irregular sugar levels.

Management of Diabetes

Diabetes and its management

5 stars for Diabetes and its management

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