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Did you know that when you worry you are actually creating it into reality?

Updated on October 26, 2012

Stop letting worrying control you

We all worry at times. There are times when concern about something is appropriate. Will you have your job tomorrow? Will you child be safe the first time the take out the car? These concerns are normal, but obsessive worrying often leads to that trepidation becoming reality.

When I worked as a psychic, it became an everyday event to observe someone obsessively worrying about this or that, and the other half that equation was watching them create their concern into reality. Worry makes people do the stupidest things. As hard as a person might try to relate to them that worry about something clogs up the mind, they just could not restrain themselves. A worry turns into an obsession and often leads to reaction. If you are worrying about anything, do remember you cannot act in the situation. All that is available to you is reaction. Worrying does not lead to a calm mind, which is needed to make rational decisions. It also will block real intuitive gut messages sent to you. There have been so many times I would hear someone say, but Renee I was following my gut. No they were not. They were following their fear.

Your thoughts do create your reality on so many levels. It is something we all need to understand. If you wake up with the chatter of your brain making mantras of your fears, you are creating a reality based on what frightens you. A few minutes a day spent chanting affirmations, which often you do not believe is a true possibility offers you zilch. Your best bet is to shift your attention. How does one do this? You have to look realistically at what is available for you at the given moment. I do often suggest people write down the facts and keep it around them. The purpose for this simply is to turn the facts into your reality and creation. We have no control of anyone but ourselves. You cannot control another person’s emotional truths. It does not matter if these truths are based on a faulty belief. They must first begin to realize it and then work through it themselves. Yes, we would like to see our spouse, significant other, child and the list goes on do better, but we are powerless over this. You though are not powerless over your own thoughts. Do not tell me this is the way you are or you sun sign makes you do this. You were not born to be pessimistic. Your beliefs are accumulated truths of others, which might not be a truth at all. A lot of these false truths that you abide too contribute to your mental chatter-box of worrying. Worry is often link to trying to control the outside world. You cannot control it!

A wise person seeks to not control others. They know that each person has their own lessons in life to experience. We might be concern about someone or something, but excessive worrying is not a part of it. The point where excessive fear enters, they know they must take control of themselves. If their job is at risk, for example, they start a plan to find another job, verses excessive worrying. Their actions are concrete and well planned, verses reaction by accusing and pointing outward for their dilemma. This type of person knows life offers no guarantees. That our world is in constant flux, and expectations and entitlements are beliefs of false truths. Though their mind might be primarily concerned with finding a job, they do not stay glued to the fear of losing it, for that blocks new doors to open. It is a known fact to them that obsession over something that hasn’t happened yet is the road to reaction. Reaction is the means to creating what you do not wish in your life. That example maybe used in all areas of one’s life.

As stated earlier, your mental talk upon awakening is the reality you are creating. Focus on what your chattering mind is telling you, and ask yourself one question; do I want this to be my future? If you answer no, than start to detach from the obsession and find methods that will help you to make good healthy choices. These choices will put you into proper action. Do remember that until you detach your choices will always be a reaction. Reaction is the means to close down your intuition and doors that might be opening for you. Reaction is what has put you in your present time reality. Reaction carries with it the strongest fear emotions we have. They will out weight any positive emotions. You need to switch this. I find switching for me comes when I am more aware of the blessings I have now. We have so many blessings. I was aware of mine even when everything in my life was taken away from me. I stayed glued to my blessings, and my life is blessed.


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