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Do More and Pressure Yourself Less

Updated on June 25, 2020
Relax and take some time for yourself
Relax and take some time for yourself | Source


It is true. The demands of modern society are enough to drive anyone mad. But there is something but that, and that is when you get nervous about demanding too much of yourself. It may seem impossible to you, but there are three easy steps that will help you push yourself less and feel happier. If you want to know how to start loving yourself a little more and not stress yourself more, please read on. Of course, these three steps will not solve your life from one day to the next, but they are an excellent starting point if you want to learn how to free yourself from the stress that you impose on yourself.

Get some time for yourself

There is no way to deny it. Nowadays, it might be a bit difficult to find a little free time for us. There are too many demands in everyday life today: For starters and in order to be praised by others, society requires you to be successful in your work, to always keep yourself looking fresh and youthful, to make a lot of money, among many other things. And if you are a parent, the demands multiply. In that case, you are also required to have time for your children, your partner and to carry out your daily obligations efficiently. It may seem impossible to you, but in reality you can make room in your schedule to pamper yourself in the way you like best. The secret to getting a little time for yourself is learning to organize your day. Identify how you lose valuable minutes each day and think about how you could do differently the most laborious tasks of your day to spend less time on them. You do not need to neglect your work to pamper yourself a little, sometimes, fifteen minutes of relaxation after a long day is enough to make you feel good about yourself.

Pamper yourself every now and then
Pamper yourself every now and then | Source

Remember that you are human

Chances are you would like to do your job in half the time to spend even more time with those you love. And surely you have been frustrated to see that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, the day doesn't seem to be enough for you. Take a deep breath and remember that you are human. Human beings get tired, they have needs, and sometimes they get sick. And you know what? That is completely normal. If something does not go as planned, or for some reason your plans fall behind, don't be mad! Remember that human nature, like life itself, is always changing. Do what you can within your means, and don't get frustrated if you get tired after a day of hard work. Listen carefully to the signals of your body and do not try too hard, as it could be harmful to your health. Do not forget that for a person to be productive, they must be in good shape, both physically and mentally. If you feel like you're about to get mad at yourself, stop and take a breath. If you don't start out with having compassion for yourself, how do you expect others to do it?

Relax, Take it Easy

You can't control everything.

You can be a successful person, have a life that others would call dreamy, and suddenly, something happens that turns your life upside down. You hurt yourself, asking yourself a thousand times what you could have done to make things go as you wanted. Acting like this is a waste of time. Life always changes, and we will always be exposed to small (or big) accidents that change our plans from one day to the next.

It is understandable the frustration generated by having to change what you had planned is understandable, but it is not a reason to get carried away by sadness. Remember that in this life everything happens for a reason, although today you may not understand it. What you see today as a disgrace, tomorrow you will be able to see it as the catalyst that led you to a path that you would never have imagined. Try to discover the subtle joy of letting yourself go through life itself. When you learn to accept that there are things that are out of your control, you will free yourself from a huge weight on your shoulders.


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